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Rangrezz critic rating (Hindustan Times): 2.5
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Rangrezz critic rating ( 2
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Rangrezz critic rating (The Telegraph): 1
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Rangrezz critic rating (Times of India): 2.5
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Rangrezz  (2013 - Hindi)

Rangrezz movie review, and Rangrezz critics rating, comments on Rangrezz

Rangrezz cumulative rating: 2.05 out of 52.05/5 (72 users)

Rangrezz critics rating: 2.35 out of 5 2.35/5 (7 critics)

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  • A Polychromatic Photoplay Colored with flaming dye

    Rangrezz rating: 0 out of 10(Anonymous wrote on 23 Mar 2013)

    'TAGLINE' TACTICS: Three words = Friendship + Betrayal + Revenge are probably the most erratically used actions which dominated the history of nearly all civilizations across the world...Starting from the land of Pharaohs, dated back 3000 BC, till today, the very basic longing for love encompassing several trajectories of human behaviour have influenced different forms of art...For instance: Literature/ Dance/ Painting/ Music..& the modern era, Movies too !! The flashy tagline of Priyadarshan's latest Hindi film 'Rangrezz' (which is a Hindi remake of Tamil blockbuster movie 'Naadodigal') that reads 'Friendship...Betrayal...Revenge' prepares the audience for an intense love-hatred action-packed show which is going to be nursed by love, burnt in anger as well as soaked in blood in the next 2 hours & 17 minutes, in front of the silver screen...

    MOVIE: Set in the backdrop of Mumbai, 'Rangrezz' mainly narrates the story of 3 close friends...Rishi (Played by Jacky Bhagnani), Pakkya (Played by Vijay Verma) & Winu (Played by Amitosh Nagpal), who believe in true friendship & can sacrifice their respective ambition, even life too, in order to see a smile in the face of their loved ones..Gradually, the story moves to a new direction when Rishi's school friend Joy (Played by Raghav Chanana) came up with his intense love-crisis situation (since the politically powerful parent groups of both boy & girl are highly unwilling to accept this marriage proposal), followed by a mixture of believable + unbelievable incidents carried out by Rishi & his folks to unite these lovebirds against all odds...Well, the story does not end there...A twist just starts from this point...Let that part be discovered after watching the movie in a theater !!

    Needless to say anything about Cinematography, when its done by Santosh Sivan...There are plenty of aesthetically shot scenes...Some Dialogues are interesting, while Music by Sajid-Wajid is unpleasant...On top of that, songs were used irrelevantly, which ultimately led to sound pollution...Direction by Priyadarshan lacks required radiance...Outstanding Background Score by Sundar C Babu supports the movie strongly, while acting by all the actors, especially those in the supporting roles literally brighten up the negative points of the screenplay...Priya Anand (in the role of Megha, who is Rishi's ladylove) did not have much chance to show her acting skill...She was strictly average except a romantic sequence (when Rishi will be going to Lalitpur) where she acted even worse...There the way she made signals to convey a particular romantic message to Rishi looked like, as if she just made some locomotions in her facial muscles instead of adding life to that scene...

    MESSAGE: The message that has been conveyed by this movie can be illustrated with two ideas !!

    1) Emotional Refraction : The indirect message about friendship/love which was shown in the movie can be elucidated with a simple observation...If one takes a pencil + a glass of water & places the pencil inside the water, then the intact pencil actually appears broken within the water...Its nothing but an optical illusion, (affectionately called 'Refraction' in Physics) which causes light to bend when it passes from air to water...So, its all about vision, irrespective of a visible medium (for example, Water) or if visualized psychologically, then an invisible medium (for example, Human Mind)...In other words, a little difference of cognition may attribute to 'Emotional Refraction' in human mindsets..Since all of us have our own unidirectional thought process, so the same incident can be interpreted in different ways, by different thinkers...Human minds are prone to trust...But,there is no criterion that the other person (be it sibling/friend/relative/lover) will react to someone's principle with exactly same frequency...If wavelengths between two minds don't match, then its better to move on...As portrayed in the movie, if despair/betrayal gives birth to revenge, then the outcome of human expectation can be exemplified by those famous words of Anne Lamott..."Not forgiving is like drinking rat poison and then waiting for the rat to die.” !! Therefore, its always better to forgive or at least forget the memory that hurts, for our own sake, for our own mental peace !!

    2) Love vs Lust: The age old confusion between love & lust paints a dusty colour in the post-interval part of 'Rangrezz'...As depicted in this movie, sometimes human beings are bewildered by external temptations & get attracted to each other by sheer lust, not love...Let me sketch this issue on the canvas of a poem written by Rabindranath Tagore...Based in a medieval city of India, the poem tells the story of an exquisitely beautiful courtesan, who used to be desired by almost every man out there...One day she fell in love with a Buddisht Bhikkhu...When the monk turned down her proposal, she became utterly surprised, for she was never deprived from male attention...She wanted to know the reason...The monk replied "When the time is right, I'll come to you"....After a few years, she was deserted by everyone for she was diagnosed with an infectious disease...This time the monk came...He softly put her head in his lap, poured drinking water in her mouth & applied cold sandalwood paste in the bleeding lesions on her skin...The lady, now half-conscious asked "Who is this kind fellow?" The monk replied, "It's me...I have come tonight to serve humanity"...
    Lust is generally mistaken as love when one focuses on the masculinity/femininity of a person rather than taking him/her as a 'Human entity'...The moment it happens, the consequences start contaminating the value of human bonding...I'll thank the script of 'Rangrezz' for highlighting this part, instead of showing a typical 'they live happily ever after story' !!

    ENDING: The term 'Rangrezz' which basically means someone who dyes clothes, perfectly captures the mood of the fable since the main lead & his buddies lose no chance when it comes to adding vibrant colors in the lives of their dear ones..Yes, their sacrifices look silly at times, but is not life simpler when there is no logic or calculation of algebra every time before doing something ? The concept may not be liked by everyone, but in my opinion, it is definitely watchable if you can relate to that true line by A.P.J. Abdul Kalam..."One best book is equal to hundred good friends but one good friend is equal to a library" !!

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