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RA.One  (2011 - Hindi)

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RA.One cumulative rating: 2.9 out of 52.9/5 (257 users)

RA.One critics rating: 2.75 out of 5 2.75/5 (18 critics)

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  • Promotion King No.One

    RA.One rating: 5 out of 10(Divya Solgama wrote on 26 Oct 2011)

    Do you remember the old Doordarshan days, where we were left on the mercy of some people from Doordarshan who use to select movies of their choice? These movies were shown on Sunday and sometimes on Friday night. Since there was no other means of entertainment [besides going to cinema hall], everyone from rich man to the beggar on the street were forced to view them. Most of the times the movies use to be great, but then there were such times when they use to show us some crap flop flicks too. Being a movie buff it dint matter for us whether the movie was good or bad, we just had to see it as there was no choice and even in bad movies, we use to enjoy the whatever minimal good points it had. In case if you are wondering why am I mentioning this old history of Television, well for a simple reason as this Diwali I could feel the same feeling at the Box Office. There is no Hollywood flick nor is any other big movie to watch and only option left to us is Shah Rukh Khan’s “Ra.One”. The cinema hall which I went to see the movie had only this movie playing in all four screens. The only option we had was weather to watch it in 3D or 2D, and yes of course the show timings. With 3 days of festival + 2 days of weekend the movie, people have no other choice than watch this Mega Budget movie starring their hot fav – Shah Rukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor. So let’s find out whether this dictatorship at box office is worth your hard earned money or not?

    “Ra.One” is story of...{Check the Synopsis}

    Story has lots of shades from super hit Hollywood flicks like Robocop, Spiderman, Terminator, Tron, Iron man, Spy Kids and many many, not to forget our own Desi Super Hero Rajnikant starrer – Robot. The screenplay however tries very hard to mix the inspirations from all these films. It succeeds at some places, but fails at many. Starting with some good scenes like Kareena bad words thesis, The whole Game launch video featuring voice of Amitabh Bachchan, Ra.One killing its maker, Ra.One - Kareena car chase, Kareena meeting G.One for first time, G.One fight with local goons at international airport followed by cameo of Rajnikant as Chitti Robot, Ra.One’s theory over Ravan, Level 2 fight in exhibition area followed by Climax fight.

    Now on the flip side the list is bit longer than the previous one. Scenes like Special Effects in Prateek’s dream were quite tacky, No convincing logic behind Ra.One gaining power, Ra.One – G.One first fight, Shah Rukh Khan’s clearance from metal detector being checked by a Gay inspector, The whole Mumbai local Train saving scene followed by Demolition at V.T Station and the easy showdown from Ra.One in the finale fight. The movie fails to connect with its audience for its villain and even for its super hero. If you take Indian Super Heroes flicks like Krissh, Robot or even our first Hindi 3D Film ‘Shiva Ka Insaaf’, the Super Heroes did connect to its audience on some emotional or dramatic background. Sadly out here it’s just some game avatar with some crazy powers Camouflage by face of Shah Rukh Khan.

    The special effects are good and yes the best as far as Hindi films goes, but cannot be compared with Hollywood Flicks or even our own Rajnikant’s Robot. The movie is converted from 2D to 3D, but there are one or two moments where the 3D works or else it’s a pure 2D watch. Camera work is fine and goes well with the mood of the film. Editing is highly required in both parts of the film, there are so many unnecessary scenes which should have been easily trimmed down to make the film more interesting and crispy. Out here it becomes bit lengthy and at times boring.

    Music by Vishal Shekher is peppy but not worth for such a huge mega budget film. Still songs like “Chammak Challo”, “Dildaara” & “Criminal” makes your foot tap. “Bhare Naina” is good. “Raftaarein” reminds the background music by R.D Burman in his action films.

    Anubhav Sinha gave us a superb emotional film like Tum Bin and a hardcore thriller like Dus. Not to forget his worst flick – Cash {which for some unknown reason has great liking in today’s kids}. Out here he tries his level best to make a Super Hero flick, but fails due to weak support from the writing part. You cannot take your audience for granted, yes agreed even Hollywood films show some illogical reasons for making their Super Heroes, but at least they are convincing. Out here the makers just give us one liner explanations which leads to so many loop holes. Still despite of all these negative point, it’s due to him we don’t get bore or disinterested in this movie. He tries to keep it as fast and pacy as much he can, despite of its length and weak writing support.

    Shah Rukh Khan is bit funny as Shekhar or tired acting funny as Shekhar. He does shine in some emotional scenes. As G.One he looks nice, but we can feel the Shah Rukh Khan missing and find the computer generated person more in its character. Kareena Kapoor is fine in her part, which has nothing much to do except give Swear words and dance with Shah Rukh Khan. Arjun Rampal comes in second half and goes pretty well with its character of R.One. He gives an impressive appearance as the Super Villain. Armaan Verma is average in this great role. Shahana, Dilip Tahir, Satish Shah are fine in their small roles. Rajnikant as Chitti Robot was superb, but the Sp.Effects failed to match the original. Sanjay Dutt as Khalnayak gave an impressive Sp.Apperance. Priyanka Chopra was fine. Amitabh Bachchan’s narration for Video Game suited well to the Super Villain game.

    There are some cheap scenes like Shah Rukh Khan staring at women's clevage followed by G.One resting his hands on Kareena and some Condom Jokes.

    So bol meri ‘Filmi Khopdi’ is film mein kitna hai Dum ?

    Dum hai at least for Kids and people who love Shah Rukh Khan. For rest all as I mentioned earlier it’s a compulsion watch, but as a one time watch with such a humongous expectation the movie does not fail. It keeps you in the film despite of liking or disliking it. A special mention for Shah Rukh Khan for trying his best to promote the film, he has taken the promotion activity to another level with this film. For last few weeks we saw Shah Rukh Khan in every filmi function, T.V Shows, Game Launch, Merchandise Launch and now all we will see is Just Ra.One at all silver screens making him Promotion King No.One. We just wished if he would have spent even 1/4th time and money over the soul of the film, the movie would have been something else or maybe a path breaking cinema. But wishes are not horses and thus we end up with an not so great time pass flick, which even if we like it or not might have to watch and thus try to focus over the positive points and wait for next big flick.

    Ratings : 2.5 - 2.75/5

    P.S - I am sure this movie will break all the records at box office as there is no competition for few weeks + number of releases in maximum s

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