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Rascals  (2011 - Hindi)

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The two main blokes in this movie are called Chetan Chauhan or Chetooji, and Bhagat Bhosle aka Bhagguji, named after, we presume, Chetan Bhagat, popular writer of lowbrow English fiction. These fellows play small-time thugs, conmen; out to kill each other’s game. It might be of interest to viewers to know exactly who they are, besides the characters they fake. A background might take, maybe a minute or two, to explain. The writers couldn’t care less.more

Sanjay Dutt and Ajay Devgn play rival con artistes in director David Dhawan's 'Rascals', a third-rate comedy that borders on the offensive. Dutt's character, Chetan, poses as a social worker and motivational speaker who's trying to dupe a rich socialite out of her crores. Devgn's character, Bhagat, pretends to be a blind Naval officer so he can get his paws on the same girl. Kangana Ranaut is Khushi, the lady in question, who is repeatedly fondled, gropedmore

David Dhawan gets wild, wacky... and naughty! He's back to the 'spicy' films he churned out with amazing regularity [and with great success] in the 1990s. RASCALS sees the original badshaah of non-stop laughathons revisit the genre, after a hiatus. Let me describe RASCALS in few words: funny, outrageous, hilarious, uproarious and most importantly, entertaining. In fact, the title as well as the promos of the film had prepared us well in advancemore

David Dhawan returns to the screen after a prolonged hiatus. And sadly, he returns with a film that ain't too fresh and reminds you of his earlier venture, Deewana Mastana, with Govinda and Anil Kapoor trying to outwit each other in order to curry favour with Juhi Chawla. What's more unnerving is the fact that Rascals isn't as funny as the earlier one, where Govinda created a laugh riot with his 'baby steps' and psychiatrist Juhi was worth all the squabbling and sneakingmore

Mujhe...' The heroine with sand-between-teeth voice shrieks. 'Mujhe, kyaaaaaa?' chorus the con duo suitors, one bad guy, and the loud priest, all shouting so much you can see the vocal chords on their necks strain. 'Raatbhar...' she screams again. 'Raatbhar kya?' They scream. 'Bed par...' she shouts. 'Bed par kyaaaaa?' They shout back. 'Failaa kar rakhha thaa.' She is incoherently loud now. But her dialogue is drowned out by Tom and Jerry sounds, cymbalsmore

Recycling paper is nice. Recycling movies? Now that's plain lame. But director David Dhawan has never been the discerning sort. He painstakingly built his brand around cheesy, slapstick wit, resolutely steering clear of logic, relying on spontaneity and a cast skilled in comedy to accomplish the shtick to which his coterie of writers like Rumi Jaffrey, Anees Bazmee, Sanjay Chhel, Kader Khan and Yunus Sajawal have contributed immensely.more

The length of his hair changes shot-to-shot One moment he’s bald, then he’s not, That’s all the acting you will see of this fella, Sanju Baba, you rascalla! If Mausam ticked off the Indian Air Force, Then the Navy should cry themselves hoarse, For he maligns them, he’s such a killa, Ajay Devgn, you rascalla! First in a bikini, then in a frock, Her acting akin to a rock, So how big was that chequella, Kangna Ranaut, you rascalla? Your intelligence it will insultmore

No one has probably abused the term 'Kuch bhi chalta hai' as often as David Dhawan. Rascals is yet another example. This supposed comic caper revolves around two con men ?Chetan Chauhan (Sanjay Dutt) and Bhagat Bhosle (Ajay Devgn) ?who go around stealing cars, suitcases and whatever else they can lay their hands on. The two soon collide and start conning each other. Then they fall in love with the same woman Khushi (Kangna Ranaut), who traipses aroundmore

Pay your ticket fare, buy your popcorn and take your seat. RASCALS does not promise to involve you in the scheme of things. However, it does promise entertainment. f you go looking for logic you won't find any. But you will find loopholes aplenty. If you just want to have a good time, RASCALS gives you that. And a few good laughs as well. Ajay Devgn and Sanjay Dutt are two conmen out to outwit the other. Both, in a way, stepped on the toes of bad manmore

David Dhawan was the pioneer of the farcical films genre with the kind of comedies he made through the 90s. However mindless his films might have been, it still had an inherent sense of humour and assured a few good laughs. Sadly, in the subsequent decade, all he served in the name of stress-free slapsticks is noise and commotion. While we aren't demanding that the filmmaker upgrade with times, all we expect is that the one-time king of comedymore

Two conmen trying to outsmart each other. What else? Two conmen trying to outsmart each other. And? Nothing. When David Dhawan was on the top of his game, this one line would have been enough for him to toss out a flick filled with a gazillion laughs. Not a measured smile, but helpless laughter, the kind that comes barreling out when you have no choice. When it came to full on idiocy, or fun-on-the-run, Dhawan was the one. I use the past tensemore

At some point in this pointless parody of all of David Dhawan's Tom and Jerry comedies from the past, Devgn and Dutt, playing a pair of warring, snaping, snarling, sneering con-persons, call for each other. 'Chetan? Bhagat? Chetan? Bhagat? …." In that pause between the last blast and the next you know the script writer (Yunuz Sajawal) is thinking of how to carry the plot to the next gag. Wish they had actually roped in author Chetan Bhagat to write somemore