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Resident Evil: Afterlife review by Hindustan Times
Resident Evil: Afterlife critic rating (Hindustan Times): 1
Resident Evil: Afterlife review by Times of India
Resident Evil: Afterlife critic rating (Times of India): 3
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Resident Evil: Afterlife critic rating ( 2
Resident Evil: Afterlife review by Mid-Day
Resident Evil: Afterlife critic rating (Mid-Day): 3
Resident Evil: Afterlife review by NDTV Movies
Resident Evil: Afterlife critic rating (NDTV Movies): 2

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Resident Evil: Afterlife  (2010 - English)

Resident Evil: Afterlife movie review, and Resident Evil: Afterlife critics rating, comments on Resident Evil: Afterlife

Resident Evil: Afterlife cumulative rating: 3.4 out of 53.4/5 (6 users)

Resident Evil: Afterlife critics rating: 2.2 out of 5 2.2/5 (5 critics)

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  • Afterlife: Watch it only in this life!

    Resident Evil: Afterlife rating: 8 out of 10(Aakash Barvalia wrote on 10 Sep 2010)

    A budget of $60 million, shoot began from the late September, 2009, in Toronto-Canada, and enclosed in around December 2009. Plus, the maker – Anderson, used James Cameron's Fusion Camera System, or more specifically a Sony F35 camera (which he used it for his film Avatar), to present the film more impressive in 3D. Now who wouldn’t miss this flick, especially the one who is a fan of “Resident evil Series”.

    “Resident Evil” is one of the best ever made film on Zombies, which is officially based on a Video Game series “Resident Evil”. Paul Anderson, the maker of this best ever series, has came back again to written and direct his baby in his 4th sequel, as he had done this only in his first ever sequel, and the rest he has only written the entire story cum script. He has also taken a big time to release in every of his next sequel, almost a gap of 2-3yrs. But that’s his style as once he said in his interview that “We always take it one movie at a time. We put so much effort into them and it is a family affair. It is all about making the best possible movie now and then promoting well and getting it out there. Making sure it is seen in the right way. When the dust settles then you think about something else. For us, it is not a business, it is a passion. You don't want to start talking about the next baby until you make sure this one is okay."

    Now let’s see how fine is this baby?

    In Part 1, it was being shown that a virus called “T-Virus”, made from the Umbrella Corporation (a biggest ever known company who are into many fields including bio-medical business), was accidentally being spread out from his laboratory. And because of this, people were becoming zombies, which results the spread of more of this deadly virus. The only survivor left in the city was none other than “Alice” (Milla Jovovich).

    In Part 2, Alice was experimented with this T-Virus along with its Anti-Virus, and then later on she was also no longer human, but was also not contaminated as zombies. She escaped from the laboratory but she was having great powers inside her and with that she was helping more survivors to escape from the zombies across the city.

    In Part 3, as Alice was helping the survivors, she later on came to knew that her Clones were made from her blood samples, and in the secret lab of the Umbrella, the doctors and the scientists were experimenting on it to make this T-Virus even more powerful, so that they can create their own zombies from normal human beings which follows their order.

    And now in Part 4, Alice with her Clones was on a mission to destroy the secret lab of the Umbrella Corp, held in Tokyo, and to kill the Super Villain, the Chairman of the Umbrella Corp, “Albert Wesker” (Shawn Roberts), who has his more villainous plan on his researches over to make more and more zombies, but of their own who follow their orders, and by that he can rule the world. Alice and her new + old friends (from the previous part) are on a mission to stop this, and to rescue even more and more survivors, with the hurdles of crossing over thousands and thousands of zombies, plus the military force by the big giant corporation known as Umbrella Corporation.

    My View:
    This is the first ever film which is being released in the Resident Evil Series in 3D, and Paul Anderson has made it superbly, magnificently, stunningly, and can be describe in no such words for which Mr. Anderson has given us the thrilled in 3D. An amazingly and incredibly directed by Mr. Anderson with all his super effects and exhilarating impact in 3D. As per the story wise, you will not be entertained much if you will compare it with its previous versions. As in this movie there are less exciting scenes with zombies, and there are more of fighting scenes with the military force of the Umbrella Corp, plus more of the story part is being focused here. But still you will be enjoyed by its ecstasy in the overall movie. During the first half, the story moves deeper and deeper, right from the where it is being left in the third sequel, and more and more new characters were being introduced instead of any action being shown against zombies during the first hour. It’s the only second half becomes more and more nail biting and breathtaking situation, where you would love it, enjoy it, and will get awesomely thrilled it. But in the entire movie (first half and the second half), the 3D effect is tremendously attractive, and just because of this you will not bet bore in the first half (i.e. in the first 30-45mins only), the latter part definitely will make you exciting with its action and nail biting script, plus with the perfect and bang performance by none other “Milla Jovovich”, and also by “Ali Larter”. Remaining cast were also too good and has played their part very efficiently, just there was a little need of improvisation on the Super Villain character. Also there’s one negative point here, which is the non-realistic scenes shown in the film, for example some fight scenes between Alice and the military forces; the plane crashed, blasted into pieces, but Alice and the Super villain are safe and sound with some minor scratches; also again when the plane is about to explode in less than five seconds probably, and when it is being blasted then also the super villain is now safe and landed in a parachute, and such as.

    The 3D effects and the special effects were mesmerizing, every five alternative minutes you will feel and enjoy the glimpse of 3D effect. The action and battling sequences will entertain you thoroughly (Watch out the action fight between Alice & Ali Larter between the ‘Axe-Man’). The performances by all of them especially by ‘Alice’ will make you “Wow”; and last but not the least, a definitely go-go movie to feel the thrill of Resident Evil again.

    Final Verdict:
    A strongly recommend for only those who have seen all the three parts of this movie, and that too only in and strictly in 3D. Rest others will certainly go lost, but will surely enjoy the glimpse of the 3D effects and all the action & thrilling sequences. And for Mr. Anderson, we want your ‘Resident Evil 5th baby’, as soon as possible.

    4 / 5

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