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Right Yaaa Wrong  (2010 - Hindi)

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Appearances can be deceptive. Somehow, I've not been able to connect to the promos of RIGHT YAAA WRONG. And now, after I've watched the film, I genuinely feel that the promos don't do justice to this taut thriller. Also, I had strong reservations for this one. Sunny Deol, an A-lister at a point of time, had slipped into oblivion thanks to the wrong films that he chose to act in. Two factors that really go against RIGHT YAAA WRONG.more

You may not have heard about this film, but don't let a case of bad marketing deter you from watching it. Because hey, here's your chance to savour an intelligent thriller from the desi cinema mills, after a long-long time. Actually, Right Yaa Wrong is neither a mystery nor a thriller. It keeps the viewer in the loop from the word go as it unfolds a murder-gone-wrong drama. Nevertheless, it keeps you at the edge of the seatmore

It's an age old theme. What's correct and what's not. Don't criticise people till you have walked miles in their shoes. Though the simplicity of the plot doesn't offer us anything brilliantly original it still makes for an engrossing thriller. Neerraj Pathak may not be a veteran director. But despite being just one film old he manages to get one thing right (pun intended). The script does not meander in twenty different directions but stays sharply focused.more

At one point in the second half of `Right Yaa Wrong’, we see Irrfan showing us just good he is at chewing the scenery. For props, he has a table, a bottle of hooch, two glasses, and a bit part actor. He pushes a drink back and forth, getting his companion to fall in line with what he’s saying, and just at the right moment, plonks in a punchline. And we laugh, every one of us. For the record, Irrfan plays a righteous cop in `Right Yaa Wrong’more