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Rise Of The Zombie  (2013 - Hindi)

Rise Of The Zombie cumulative rating: 2.3 out of 52.3/5 (65 users)

Rise Of The Zombie critics rating: 1.7 out of 5 1.7/5 (5 critics)

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Monotony kills the daring concept

Being a zombie means reaching a state where the sub-conscious starts ruling the body in a way in which the living being turns into a walking dead. The body doesn't die which gives weapons like gun, dagger and sometimes tanks a chance to kill the zombie. Luke Kenny and Devaki Singh's 'Rise of the Zombie' accepts the universal meaning of being a zombie but they have Indianised the concept. Neil Parker (Luke Kenny) is a passionate wildlife photographermore

A one-man, one-line story which fails to keep you hooked.

Passionate about his craft, wildlife photographer Neil Parker (Luke Kenny) disappears into deep forests without revealing his whereabouts to indulge in his favourite activity of clicking pictures. Annoyed by his taking off randomly, his girlfriend Vinni ( Kirti Kulhari) walks out on him. Saddened, he tries to find solace in nature and sets off for Lansdowne, Uttarakhand. Lonely in the forest, he gets bitten mysteriously. The 'bite' transforms him into a zombiemore

Rise of the Zombie: needed more 'meat'!

For a genre that's virtually alien to Bollywood, Rise of the Zombie makes an earnest attempt towards the initiation of the species. However the prime problem with this film is that it gets overambitious in planning itself as a trilogy. And in doing so the film ends abruptly without a definite climax, just having you to wait for the sequel to know where the story leads. Now films are not like a television series where you end on a hook pointmore

India’s first Foodzilla

He’s quite a Foody Foodpecker. For some curious reason, he’s constantly eating, chomping, swallowing, devouring and slurping but going by the expression on his face, never digesting the intake. Quake. Meet India’s first Foodzilla. Or on second thoughts, avoid the man who becomes hopelessly obsessed with his next — strictly non-vegetarian — meal. Be it veal or eel. Now why should anyone in his right mind venture out to Rise of the Zombie anyway?more

A pathetic start to Indian zombie movie culture

Luke Kenny brings India’s first Zombie film with his indie venture Rise Of The Zombie. Not only does Luke co-direct the film but acts and produces it himself. Even for a small project and its novelty factor the film fails in all departments. It is the story of Luke Kenny who is a recluse wildlife photographer who takes off on his photography trips as and when he pleases. This takes a toll on his relationship with live-in girlfriend (Kirti Kulhari) until one daymore