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Rokkk  (2010 - Hindi)

Rokkk cumulative rating: 2.1 out of 52.1/5 (18 users)

Rokkk critics rating: 1.85 out of 5 1.85/5 (3 critics)

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Horror films made in India follow standard rules and guidelines. Every possible ingredient that viewers have witnessed since the Ramsay era automatically finds its way into horror films even today. ROKKK too borrows everything available on the shelf. ROKKK hinges on a half-baked script, but what saves the film from complete breakdown is the execution of the material by debutante director Rajesh Ranshinge. The proceedings may be far from innovative, but keep you hooked nonetheless. more

Most important question: scary enough? Well, there are enough goosebumps in this film to give you your money's worth. You may end up disappointed with the climax which once again concludes with the usual mumbo-jumbo of tantra and mantra that seems to mar all hybrid horror films. When it comes to horror films, there's just one thumb rule: darna zaroori hai! This desi Grudge does manage to bring out the chills, here and there. So, bide your time and watch this while you wait for the perfect Indian horror film. more

Creaky doors, hooting owls, eerie shadows, moaning sounds. Been there seen that. So what new stuff does Rokkk bring to the table? Well, 'new' wouldn't be the quite the word we would want to use. Cause Rokkk brings out the cobwebbed skeletons of age old pre-Ramsay era horror films. Anushka (Tanushree) starts seeing and hearing strange things in a foggy house she shares with her elderly husband (Sachin Khedekar). Calling them hallucinations and signs of boredommore