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    ! report abuseParomeeta Mathur Banerjee
    Paromeeta Mathur Banerjeewrote on 19 Sep 2011

    Film actresses Sadhana and Babita are cousins. Sadhana's father and Babita's father are brothers.

    ! report abuseAnna Lewis
    Anna Lewiswrote on 14 Dec 2009

    During the shooting of 'Love in Simla', director R.K.Nayyar had suggested Sadhana to get a fringe to cover her braod forehead and thus, came about the 'famous Sadhana fringe'.

    ! report abusePravir
    Pravir wrote on 07 Mar 2009

    Sadhana appeared in a song sequence (Ichak Daana Bichak Daana) among the bunch of child artists in Raj Kapoor's Shri 420. She later played the lead role opposite Raj Kapoor in Dulha-Dulhan.


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