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Sadiyaan review by Hindustan Times
Sadiyaan critic rating (Hindustan Times): 1
Sadiyaan review by The Telegraph
Sadiyaan critic rating (The Telegraph): 2
Sadiyaan review by Times of India
Sadiyaan critic rating (Times of India): 1.5
Sadiyaan review by DNA India
Sadiyaan critic rating (DNA India): 1
Sadiyaan review by Mumbai Mirror
Sadiyaan critic rating (Mumbai Mirror): 0.5

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Sadiyaan  (2010 - Hindi)

Sadiyaan movie review, and Sadiyaan critics rating, comments on Sadiyaan

Sadiyaan cumulative rating: 1.7 out of 51.7/5 (47 users)

Sadiyaan critics rating: 1.3 out of 5 1.3/5 (8 critics)

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  • Sad-yeah!

    Sadiyaan rating: 2 out of 10(Pritam Roy wrote on 03 Apr 2010)

    Guys, this is a trip down memory lane, which you wouldn't quite enjoy. It's like getting into the theater and you're taken in a special time machine back by 40 yrs to late 1960's. So, starting from opening credits till the end, the movie looks like a movie from the period with direction, cinematography. editing and acting all reminiscent of B-grade movies from that era.

    But, hey, whats this? You find Rajvir Singh (Rishi Kapoor) and Amrit Kaur (Rekha) waiting at Attari railway station for a train to arrive and they look exactly like they look in 2010. Well, thats still ok...they must have taken the same time machine ride. But, now the movie goes back another two decades and you find that timeless beauty and Rishi Kapoor were looking exactly the same, during partition also. Just to hide their age and to make you realize, this is another era, your time machine screen goes black and white. realize, this is the background story. So, Rajvir and Amrit arrive in India from Lahore, and lost their son. Some scenes showing people arriving from Pakistan, after, the time machine really works! Well, it's the stock footage which is shown on the screen, and it looks more realistic, than most of the other shots on the screen for the duration of the movie.

    In India, Rajvir and Amrit get a house deserted by a Muslim family, who had crossed to the other side of the border. And they discover, that the family also left a small boy, who Rajvir and Amrit decide to bring up the child, as they could not find the parents or a family. Now, after a few scenes showing the old-but acting-young couple bringing up the son, cut to 1968 when hero enters. Yes, Luv Sinha, the son of legendary actor, Shatrughan Sinha enters in a horse riding event, where obviously he wins and immediately breaks into a dance number which is partly bhangra.

    Horse riding lessons - check - score B-
    Dancing lessons - check - score C-

    Poor preparation shows on both the subjects.

    Am already looking for an exit or eject button in the time machine. But, whats happening...none of the buttons work. I have been duped!

    Now, the hero needs to meet the heroine. Daddy Rishi drops a hint to Mom Rekha, this is the time for the boy to fall in love and woo his girl like Daddy did playing the mouth organ. And hero goes off with friends on a trip to Kashmir (wonder, if it will do any good to Kashmir tourism department). Only one of the friends is shown, who is more interested in looking at the mountains with binoculars, while our hero sets his eye on the girl in the shikara. But, what's this, picked straight out of a movie set in 1960-70's...the heroine tests the hero's commitment and love, by acting blind on advice of her sahelis, mind you...directly lifted from 1970's movies(who have been given no direction than to giggle endlessly till the cows come home). Keeping in mind, the sensibilities of the time, they quickly patch up and get the drama back on track (or off track), but not before the heroine goes on a punising skiing session in inclement weather, which ends in the hero bringing her back to senses by doing mouth to mouth CPR in a log. You get the drift, right?

    To make things convenient, the girl is also from Amritsar, but there is one small problem...if you are keen to know, she is a Muslim and the boy is a Hindu (well, raised in Hindu family and a fact not yet known to the hero). The girl's family is not willing to marry their daughter to a Hindu family and threaten riots, if forced to...without any rhyme or reason. Good for them. But, the parents won't take no for an answer. They dig up the past and the history to trace the real parents and voila, biological Dad & Mom, Javed Sheikh and Hema Malini are ready to travel to India from Pakistan to reclaim their son. After lots of drama, with scenes, where you feel, the groom is being married off...and sent to the girl's house and the family getting into high melodrama mode and some Hindu-Muslim harmony cliche-filled lines. But, you know what will happen in the can't go wrong.

    The heroine tries her best to act coy, but can't quite emote. The director must not have spent too much time thinking on the heroine, when it's supposed to be debut of a star son. Wonder, why they didn't take an established heroine. At least, one of the two could have kept people hooked to the movie and who knows, Luv could have been inspired by a better actor in the scene to give an inspired performance. RIshi Kapoor is good, but wonder, for how long he can play similar roles, Rekha is OK. Hema Malini brightens up the second half. Others are all average to below average.

    While watching the movie, and coming out of the theater, apart from getting a headache for entering into this time machine, I couldn't help feeling a bit sorry for Luv Sinha. He looks totally unprepared for a film debut. I think, he isn't in a quite enviable position. He needs to wait for some time to do another movie and definitely needs a better story and a director.

    Sorry, Mr. Raj Kanwar. Sadiyaan is really very Sad-yeah!

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