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Safe House  (2012 - English)

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Echoing such hard-hitting thrillers as Training Day and the Bourne trilogy, Safe House may evoke that feeling of seen-that-know-that. Yet despite the familiarity of its material, the espionage yarn still delivers high-octane chases, brutal punch-ups, besides the commanding screen presence of Denzel Washington. The two-time Oscar-winner portrays an ex-CIA agent-turned-freelance spy. The rogue spook is in possession of a computer chip coveted by a horde of assassinsmore

Safe House', starring Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds is a visceral action movie, but with a predictable, lightweight plot. Reynolds plays Matt Weston, a young CIA agent desperate to climb the ladder, but stuck in charge of a Johannesberg 'Safe House' – a secret base to hide prisoners or witnesses to keep them safe. Having spent a year there with no one to protect, he's getting restless and irritable.more

At some point in the tense, tough, visceral action movie Safe House, a side character describes a rogue super agent played by Denzel Washington as “the black Dorian Gray”. Washington, or rather the mystery man he plays, Tobin Frost, a former operative for the CIA, lets out a short self-aware laugh of a man who isn’t just fielding a compliment but also owning it fully. And why not? He looks good, and he knows it. Safe House, a Bourne-esque story about the badmore

The highs: Loads of gunshots, ruthless cop-criminal Q&A sessions, cars ramming into each other, long chases through the streets of Cape Town and the slums of Langa, smart and snazzy action cuts involving solid hand punches and enough energy to keep spirits up. The lows: Nothing that you have never seen before. But then are we complaining? Not really, especially when it's Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds calling the shots. Matt Weston (Ryan Reynolds) overlooks a safe housemore

Today, the 33-year-old Swedish director Daniel Espinosa is little known outside of Hollywood studio bosses and talents who have seen his crime drama Snabba Cash (Easy Money), which hasn't had a release as yet in American movie theatres. But with the arrival of his Safe House (released today in the United States), a tense, stylish and well acted thriller, Espinosa is sure to be on the A-list in no time. Some viewers might find the new film toplining Denzel Washingtonmore

Safe House' is a completely unimaginative movie and an ultimate exercise in listlessness. Boasting a showy directorial style, this Daniel Espinoza film is a cliched and superfluous venture that goes wrong in so many ways it is difficult to figure out where to start. This CIA thriller potboiler doesn't lack star power - it has Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds - but it is amusingly scrappy thanks to the over-serious tone of the film. All the characters heremore