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    ! report abuseTista
    Tista wrote on 20 Jun 2009

    Santosh Dutta acted in "Sonar Kella", directed by Satyajit Ray. No one can ever forget his role as "Jatayu", Lalmona babu ka chadma-naam :) . "Sonar Kella" was from one of the famous stories written by Ray, where we find Jatayu as a slim figure with stipe shirts etc. After the movie released, Ray wrote some more books with Jatayu as a character in it. But surprisingly the image of Jatayu become healthier with dhoti kurta, which was actually derived from the looks of Santosh Dutta.

    ! report abuseMaking things happen :)
    Making things happen :) wrote on 15 Jun 2009

    Satyajit Ray once went to watch a drama enacted by Santosh Dutta. He took his mother along with him, and it's said that she was so impressed with the actor that Ray cast him in his next movie. and since then Santosh Dutta remained Ray's one of the most favorite actor whom he cast in many of his movies...


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