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Seeta Aur Geeta  (1972 - Hindi)

Seeta Aur Geeta movie review, and Seeta Aur Geeta critics rating, comments on Seeta Aur Geeta

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  • Twin Hemas rock in Ramesh Sippy's comedy

    Seeta Aur Geeta rating: 8 out of 10(manish mehrotra wrote on 09 May 2011)

    Double roles have always been popular in Hindi movies.Even I am partial towards good movies with double roles as is evident on the number of reviews I have written on double role sagas-Bhai Bhai,Yakeen,The Great Gambler and Hum Dono and even a triple role-Bairaag.If one talk about dual roles then 2 movies come to mind at once-one being the 1967 classic Dilip Kumar starrer-Ram Aur Shyam and the other being Seeta Aur Geeta-1972.Although there were some amazing hit dual role movies like Afsana-1952,Anhonee-1956 and Hum Dono-1961 it was after Ram Aur Shyam that dual roles were considered reached a peak.When Ramesh Sippy made its female version with the help of Salim-Javed with Hema Malini stepping into Dilip Kumar's role,the movie was a huge hit and made Hema Malini an unchallenged number one movie.At a time when a lot of ink is being wasted on Hema's plastic performance in Baghban,I guess its high timefor me to write a review on what I believe is Hema's best performance(s). The story is about a couple who have a set of twin girls.One of the gal is left in the village hut where the pregnant lady delivered twins.Thus they r separated and unaware about each other.The couple dies and one of the girls is brought up in their palatial home by the child's Chacha -Badrinath(Satyen Kappu) and Chachi Kaushalya(Manorama).Kaushalya is a tyrant and always beats and scares the young gal.The girl grows up to become Seeta(Hema Malini) a beautiful but slightly scared and introvert girl.Seeta does all the house-hold and Kaushalya's own daughter Sheela(Daisy Irani) lives like a princess.Although Badrinath is nice to Seeta he does not have the courage to go against his own wife.However Seeta's grandmother(Pratima devi) is an old woman whom Seeta loves and respect. On the other hand the other gal grows up to become a Gypsy Geeta(Hema Malini again).She is an extrovert,loud mouth and erratic rustic girl who perform tricks with Raaka(Dharmendra) and earn some money.Geeta has constant fights with Raaka and with her aunt due to Geeta's rustic behaviour.One day she decides to leave her home and goes away into the city. Meanwhile Kaushalya wants Seeta to remain unmarried as if she gets married then according to a will Kaushalya wont have any control on Seeta's wealth.Kuashalya's cruel brother Ranjeet(Roopesh Kumar) uses her hunter to scare Seeta.A proposal for Seeta's marriage comes in the form of Dr.Ravi(Sanjeev Kumar) but due to Kaushalya and Sheela's planning he leaves the home unimpressed with Seeta.Seeta is fed up of her life and wants to commit suicide.With such an intention she jumps into a river. Now starts the real story of the movie.Seeta is rescued from the river by Raaka and her aunt thinks of her as Geeta.Meanhwile Geeta bumps into Dr.Ravi who is totally taken in by what he believes as a change of personality.Raakka's erratic way of life is cleared by Seeta and Ravi wins the heart of Geeta.Geeta comes to her home and mends the cruel Kaushalya and the evil Ranjeet.After many comic sequences and an un-ending fight sequence the 2 sisters are united and they marry their respective men. The movie released in 1972 was director Ramesh Sippy's second movie as a director after the hit Andaaz-1971.After Brahmachari-1968 due to some problems producer G.P.Sippy wanted to close his production company Sippy Films despite Brahmachari being a big hit,probably as he was finding it very difficult to work with other directors.However his 24 year old son Ramesh Sippy asked him to give him one chance and made Andaaz which was a modest hit.So after making a mature romantic Andaaz he made a lovely comedy with plenty of romance-Seeta Aur Geeta.This comedy streak of Sippy is visible in parts of his action oriented Sholay and Shaan as well.Ramesh Sippy formed an amazing team with Hema Malini.Infact the major stars of seeta Aur Geeta-Hema,Sanjeev Kumar and Dharmendra were the lead in Sholay.Even character actor Satyen Kappu was also present in Sholay. Salim-Javed are known for writing angry-young man's role and movies.Thats why people were surprised to see a sci-fi comedy entertainer Mr.India being scripted by the legendary actors.If people have any doubts on the verstality of Salim-Javed they should read the titles of Seeta Aur Geeta properly.The story written by Satish Bhatnagar was adapted from Ram Aur Shyam but changing the gender was not the only thing Salim-Javed did.A kind elder sister and an evil brother-in-law were replaced by an evil aunt and a not so evil uncle.The setting was also on the lines of Cindrella where the other girl was given preference by the aunt.The flawless screenplay by Salim-Javed makes the film much more breezy than the original Ram Aur Shyam.The dailogues are brilliant and one wonders whether the same writers wrote the later day action movies as well.Salim-Javed began their team with Ramesh Sippy's debut Andaaz.However it was after Seeta Aur Geeta that they became a name to reckon with before Zanjeer and Deewar.Interestingly Salim-Javed and Ramesh Sippy made a terrific team as they wrote Sippy's Andaaz,Seeta Aur Geeta,Sholay,Shhan,Shakti and Saagar-which was written by Javed Akhtar independently.Seeta Aur Geeta is a historical film for Salim-Javed as this is the only women oriented film they wrote.Although all their later day movies except say Shaan also had important roles for women but still they were hero-dominated. With Seeta Aur Geeta begins another great team that of music director R.D.Burman and Ramesh Sippy.The music of the movie is simply brilliant and the songs ''Anari hai Koi..'',''Abhi to haath mein...'',''Koi Ladki ..'' and above all ''Hawa Ke saath saath..'' are amazing.It is a rare album where Manna Dey sings for Dharmendra.R.D. gave dream musical scores sor Ramesh in Sholay,Shaan,Shakti and Saagar as well. In a heroine-oriented movie it is good to see well-etched characters for the leading men Sanjeev Kumar and Dharmendra.Sanjeev Kumar shows great comic timing -which later peaked in Angoor and Biwi-o-Biwi-and acts effortlessly as a die-heart romantic rich man with a cool attitude-a role which seems written for Shashi Kapoor in mind.Even the name of his charcter-Ravi became Shashi's favourite name in Salim- Javed written movies-Deewar,Kaala Pathar and Shaan.Although even Rajesh Khanna could have easily slipped in the role Sanjeev did the role in an amazing way and it remains one of his biggest hits.This was Sanjeev's first movie with Salim-Javed who later gave him legendary roles in Sholay and Trishul.There were rumuors that Sanjeev Kumar fell in love with Hema during the making and even proposed to her only to get a firm no!!!

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