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Shaabash! You Can Do It review by DNA India
Shaabash! You Can Do It critic rating (DNA India): 1
Shaabash! You Can Do It review by Mumbai Mirror
Shaabash! You Can Do It critic rating (Mumbai Mirror): 0.5

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Shaabash! You Can Do It  (2009 - Hindi)

Shaabash! You Can Do It movie review, and Shaabash! You Can Do It critics rating, comments on Shaabash! You Can Do It

Shaabash! You Can Do It cumulative rating: 1.7 out of 51.7/5 (27 users)

Shaabash! You Can Do It critics rating: 0.75 out of 5 0.75/5 (2 critics)

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  • Shh... Ab bas!

    Shaabash! You Can Do It rating: 2 out of 10(Pritam Roy wrote on 21 Nov 2009)

    You need not do it! Kyun kiya? Kyun kiya?

    The movie reminded me of the recent ads on television for protection against swine flu. Few boys are playing cricket in the neighbourhood and everyone is cheering in the name of a guy(say, Rahul), who is not on the field. Then, one girl asks...why are they cheering for Rahul and one smart alec responds, because he is staying at home, and not on the playground, so that the others are not infected with the virus. There are couple of more ads in the series.

    I wish, there is a way, to reward or at least applaud few producers or directors, who should not be playing in the box-office field. What if the serious film makers (not makers of serious films...I mean, those who take film making business seriously and not as a joke) pool in, to institute an award for the movies, that were never made, or at least never shown in theaters. Because, anyways, the audience won't be coming. If first day occupancy figures are any indication, it won't take much time to disappear from the theaters, either. I even don't mind, if some contribution is taken from willing audience to keep such movies away from theaters. Because, no one seems to have taken this seriously. Not the producer, director, or any one in the technical team. And less said about the actors, the better it is...for the entire mankind. None of them, took the movie seriously and except for their very evident willingless to look or "act" like stars, gave any importance to the department of acting.

    There is no storyline. And apart from the short paragraph offered for story line, I don't think, anyone thought about anything more. The story supposedly revolves around the character of Neil (Hitesh) and his journey from being an underdog to ultimately emerging as the winner. His Journey is facilitated by Professor Siddhant's encourgement and his new found love for Mahi (Mansi). There are two more characters Vicky (Atul) and girlfriend Gracy (Vedita), who are college seniors, sometimes seen as ragging their juniors. They are also the hot couple on campus, obviously crowded with only losers. Without much detailing, Atul and Neil become enemies and Neil takes to yoga under an ever screaming instructor. When they are not romancing or dancing to some inane lyrics, they are also seen as giving some gyan meant for today's youth.

    To complicate matters and bring kahani mein twist, there is a murder. Then the movies goes to a downward spiral, because you can't make out, if the movie is inspirational, social, comedy or a murder mystery, or all rolled into none (pun intended)!

    The movie is dedicated to Yoga guru BKS Iyengar, but yoga is only like a backdrop or say, some scene in the movie. Imagine, every Hindi movie being dedicated to dancing or Saroj Khan! And I sincerely hope, the guru doesn't see the film, because...he may consider giving up Yoga at this age. The film has other motley characters including a pair of middle aged men playing gay college boys, lecherous teachers, corrupt politicians and a woman who lies mysteriously paralysed or comatose in bed. Whats that got to do with the story and what happened to her is a mystery left untold.

    Can't help but remember the old saying, that it's not only important to know, what you can do, but also to know, what you can't. I wish, the film makers took this seriously and they did not do it. It would have been a great favour to everyone.

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