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Shorts review by Hindustan Times
Shorts critic rating (Hindustan Times): 2.5
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Shorts critic rating (Times of India): 3
Shorts review by Mid-Day
Shorts critic rating (Mid-Day): 2.5

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Shorts  (2009 - English)

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Shorts cumulative rating: 2.15 out of 52.15/5 (3 users)

Shorts critics rating: 2.65 out of 5 2.65/5 (3 critics)

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  • Shorts rating: 5 out of 10(Aakash Barvalia wrote on 26 Oct 2009)

    I Wish…

    The season has comes now for Kids. Bal Ganesh, G-Force, Shorts, and now upcoming movie ‘Alladin’. From the maker of the film “Spy Kids” which is quite famous among kids had come back with the film called “Shorts”. Let’s see what they have got it.

    ‘Shorts’ has a very funny and very interesting plot. “Wishing Rock”. Just make a wish by holding that rock and your wish would be granted. How interesting and how funny. Just imagine you would have that rock in your hand then what would you demand or make a wish for? Smiling with itching your head, isn’t you?

    Director Robert Rodriguez who had directed the famous “Spy Kids” has just missed in narrating this very brilliant topic. Cut to short, plot was nice but narrating wasn’t much impressive.

    11yr Old boy ‘Toe Thompson’ was quite sad with his life. He was having no friends; school mates were thrashing him, his parents were very busy for just listening his problem, and more to that his sister thinks that his is a jerk. On the other side, one business tycoon “Mr. Black” owner of the “Black Box Co.” where their company was manufacturing a gadget known as “Black Box” which works as each and every electronic by just simply holding one single gadget. Works as a mobile phone, toaster, hair dryer, juicer mixer, and etc. just push one button and it will change to anything. Mr. Black is having two children of their won, ‘Cole Black’ elder son and ‘Helvetica Black’ younger daughter. Toe Thompson’s parents were working under the “Black Box Co.”

    Now one fine day Toe found one rainbow colored rock which he later found out that it’s the wishing rock. He wished for some friends in his life, so some small little alien creatures came in tiny space ships and became his friends. Now something action happened and the wishing rock travelled to one of his class mate, which actually he and his two brothers found out that rock first. He just wished something and many crocodiles came alive with flying dinosaur. Now again bizarre happened and the rock travelled to Tom’s sister. She just wished something and her boyfriend became a huge giant man. Now again something happened and the rock travelled to Toe’s neighbor and one ‘Giant Germ’ came alive. Now again something, rock travelled, and this time Toe’s parents joined together and became one body with two heads. And this happened so on with every single character in the film. But at the climax, everybody gathered outside fighting for that rock. Result hilarious situations.

    The plot was nice, but the screenplay and the narration were a bit weak. The film is funny and hilarious in its own way, but I guess only to the kids who are below 10. The elder kids will not find so funny and so do for the adults, they will get bored and consider the script as a ‘childish’. But never mind, the film is meant for kids, and I am sure they will enjoy it thoroughly, as they don’t use logic. Another drawback of the film would be the style of narrating the movie. I guess it would be more complicating for the younger as well as the elder generations. Almost 25% of the movie was in Voice over’s; purposely the story was not place in order just to show some creativity, but it was rather distracting; to make understand the audience of the proper order they were using the backward and forward button and then one V/O to explain it, this was rather confusing instead to understand it. I think Director Robert Rodriguez should understand this that this is the kid film and he should narrate it in a simple way and in a proper place order story, rather than showing some creativeness. By doing this he might have get some plus points, but sad.

    One the whole, this movie is only recommended for the ages that are below 10. Rest can just skip it.

    Rating: 2.5 / 5

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