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Shutter Island critic rating ( 3.5
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Shutter Island critic rating (Times of India): 3.5
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Shutter Island  (2010 - English)

Shutter Island movie review, and Shutter Island critics rating, comments on Shutter Island

Shutter Island cumulative rating: 3.95 out of 53.95/5 (18 users)

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  • “Shattered” – Island

    Shutter Island rating: 7 out of 10(Aakash Barvalia wrote on 06 Jun 2010)

    Director Martin Scorsese who has directed about 50 films in his career, with the famous one such as Departed, The Aviator, and etc. He has given us once gain a very interesting film, which I believe would be for the few ones, but nevertheless “Shutter Island” is indeed a very good film made right from the direction to the writing department. The screenplay writer “Laeta Kalogridis” who has written the films like Pathfinder, Alexander, etc. has written this film in a very confusing and interesting way. Lets see how the film is confusing and plus interesting too.

    Teddy and Chuck (Leonardo Di Caprio & Mark Ruffalo) have been assigned at Shutter Island to investigate one case, where the whole Island is actually the Mentally Retarded Hospital, where various kinds of criminals who had committed crimes are not into their stable mind, and now are patients instead of criminals, have been kept there and treated by various number of doctors, which is being handled by Dr. Cawley and Dr Naehring (Ben Kingsley & Max von Sydow).

    Now the case was, that one woman, who has drowned her three children’s, has been flew away from that hospital, and Teddy & Chuck came there to investigate this case. Now as the story moves on, Teddy realizes that something unusual is going on in this hospital. Then suddenly he came to knew that the woman who ran away has been found and is safe and sound in her room. Soon the patients and the staff members of that hospital were reacting in a very different way. Also after spending few days in that Island, he was having very unusual dreams of her dead wife and etc. He started having migraine, headaches and etc. Soon his partner cum friend ‘Chuck’ suddenly was missing.

    And finally the story reveals his secret on the last half n hour, which I will prefer, a must watch.

    My comment:
    Director and the Writer had played this story in such a manner that one would really feel that he/she is also having some psychological problem in their head. All the twists and turns relating the wife and the past of the Marshal Teddy, were been picturized so confusing, plus interesting.

    The whole film is about around two hours, and the entire one and a half hour movie, the writer has written the story in such a way, and the director has directed this whole one and a half hour movie in such a way, that the viewers would be so confused while watching that they will surely say to themselves that “what the heck is really going on in this movie?”. Your mind will be definitely “shattered”. Writer and the Director had played with the viewers mind so beautifully.

    But this will be only understood by someone if and only if the last half n hour is being watched. Absolutely amazing, mind blowing, and will definitely your mind will be “shattered”.

    After watching the whole film, you will surely notice that the story is quite simple, and this type of concept you might have seen “n” number of times in many films. But what’s more important here is the design of the film. From start till end, one will get so confused that what the film is actually about, but only from the last half n hour you will get know that what the is film is actually about. And that’s something appreciable.
    Only negative point here I feel is its length. I think the film is being too prolonged and little bit of stretchy. Though the film is not for all masses, it’s definitely for some selected people, especially for who understand cinema. But still for them also it’s a little bit of stretched. The long 2hrs movie can be cut shot to max upto 1 ½ hr movie.

    Performance wise, everybody was great. Leonardo was awesome; he had delivered some finest performance here. Mark Ruffalo gave some good supporting role. And the super actor Ben Kingsley was as splendid as he is ever. Other than that, from the technical department; cinematography, background music; everything and everybody were as good as it should be.

    Final verdict:
    A must watch film for those who loves to watch every kind of cinema. And this would be surely lovable to watch.

    3.75 / 5

    About the Author:

    Aakash Barvalia

    About me: about me there's notihng to know...but still....there's a lot to just replace my name from "Aakash" to "Movie"....and you will know everything about meLocation: Mumbai, India

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