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Slumdog Millionaire critic rating (Hindustan Times): 5
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Slumdog Millionaire critic rating ( 4
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Slumdog Millionaire critic rating ( 4
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Slumdog Millionaire critic rating (The Telegraph): 4
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Slumdog Millionaire critic rating (Times of India): 4.5

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Slumdog Millionaire  (2009 - English)

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  • Divya Solgama

    Slumdog Millionaire rating: 8 out of 10

    By Divya Solgama(23 Jan 2009)

    The Underdog

    What happens when three of words best meet together? One of the worlds largest slum [Mumbai Slums] + One of worlds largest film making industry [Bollywood] + One of the worlds biggest game show [Who wants to be a Millionaire] = Slumdog Millionaire. Along with these biggies the movie boost to have ace technicians and mix breed of new and veterans actors who makes the movie bit under the buzz. But sometimes too much of anything becomes bit wrong too. Will it happen the same way in “Slumdog Millionaire” or are we going to witness a new style in Indian ... » read more

  • Paromeeta Mathur Banerjee

    Slumdog Millionaire rating: 8 out of 10

    By Paromeeta Mathur Banerjee(26 Jan 2009)


    A beautifully scripted and directed movie. The concept was unique and the realism, specially in the way, the childhood scenes were depicted, was excellent. The child artistes were natural and their portrayal extremely real.

    Yes, the movie does show the dark and poor side of India, I would have been the first to be put off if it was showcasing India in a poor light to pander to the Western audience. However, I did not get any sense of the same. The director was true to the story that he was telling and it flowed naturally. The scenes, ... » read more

  • Shafali

    Slumdog Millionaire rating: 8 out of 10

    By Shafali (29 Jan 2009)

    Despite being biased against the movie through the various points of view I heard / read before watching Slumdog Millionnaire – I must say - I liked it!

    It is surely overrated, however is also worthy of the 4-stars that I have put against the movie : )

    The screenplay is brilliant - real yet very bollywood masala, depressing yet very hopeful.

    The way the Game-show has been intertwined with the incidences in Jamal’s life and the narration at the police station unfolding of the story is very innovative.

    What is also commendable about the ... » read more

  • Making things happen :)

    Slumdog Millionaire rating: 8 out of 10

    By Making things happen :) (26 Jan 2009)

    Not much to be said about the movie: it's fantastic to say the least; fast paced, engaging and awe inspiring. But there's more to it than being just a Hollywood-Bollywood potboiler about a slum kid who wins a whopping amount on a reality game show against all odds.

    Note the irony here. Despite being facing the grim reality everyday, every moment, yet turning away from it, a movie made by a Brit director is able to deliver the punches where it hurts. it hurts to be reminded about the fact that the shining India is only a mirage and the 'comfort' that we enjoy ... » read more

  • Parijat Kar

    Slumdog Millionaire rating: 0 out of 10

    By Parijat Kar(10 Feb 2009)

    Slumdog Millionaire - is the movie now in news for receiving so many awards. I am also finding a lot of Indians are excited about the achievements by the movie. I personally found this very unfortunate. The movie depicts extreme poverty, communalism, criminals, immoral activities by
    an unfortunate group of people in Mumbai. While there is nothing wrong in showing so called "reality", I must say in some part the story exaggerates the "reality".

    The movie is bad from starting from its name. Those who live in slum or born as poor do not need to be dogs. This ... » read more

  • Jui

    Slumdog Millionaire rating: 0 out of 10

    By Jui (03 Feb 2009)

    If we can forget, may be for a while, that Indian film-making will be entirely wasted without any stamp of approval from the westside of downtown Los Angeles, we might be able to see some of the issues this film, Slumdog Millionaire (SM), has raised. Can we pretend, or have a delusion, or dream, just for a moment, that this film was based somewhere in Brasil (may be Rio De Janeiro) and try to visualise how we might have reacted. We probably would have seen lots of children sleeping in the street, going to sleep in a hungry stomach, standing in the traffic lights and begging ... » read more

  • Mousumi

    Slumdog Millionaire rating: 6 out of 10

    By Mousumi (04 Feb 2009)

    I liked the movie. But I did not love it! I hate the movie title and also hated the remak by Dev Patel that people of slums in India are called in much worse names!! 'SlumDog' is a madeup word but it sounds like British Ruling times when in Trains, Buses and almost everywhere it used to be written ' Dogs & Indians are not allowed'. Is History repeating itself here??? » read more

  • JB

    Slumdog Millionaire rating: 0 out of 10

    By JB (06 Feb 2009)

    One interesting point to note is that while Slumdog Millionaire has been nominated for as many as 10 Oscars, movies like 'BLACK' and 'TAARE ZAMEEB PAR', a sensitive ‘Bollywood’ film dealing with a middle-class, dyslexic child’s struggle to cope with this competition, and widely toasted as the best mainstream offering from the Hindi film Industry in a long while, didn’t receive a single nomination in the Best Foreign Language Category at the Academy Awards. Is it just me here, or is there a certain prejudice towards only one particular ‘reality’ of India, and ignorance ... » read more

  • Debdan Banerjee

    Slumdog Millionaire rating: 8 out of 10

    By Debdan Banerjee(25 Jan 2009)

    The movie overall was great. Especially liked the concept of the story unfolding with every question of the game. The portrayal of each character was really good and the way they showed Mumbai, I thoght was really good.

    There were a few flaws - one in a reality show, the host is not really hostile to the participant when the camera is rolling and 2nd the song "Aaj ki Raat" from Don and the video shown on TV did not match. But these are minor aspects.

    The characters that stood out for me, were the young actors. The kids who played the 2 generations of ... » read more

  • Royalhunter

    Slumdog Millionaire rating: 0 out of 10

    By Royalhunter (11 Jan 2009)

    Slumdog Millionaire (2008)
    Director: Danny Boyle

    Review by: Dr Usman Khawaja

    If you thought Bolly made senseless formulaic pastiches then go watch this patronising and condescending disjointed pot boiler fro Danny the boiler who makes the narrative jump giddily from one gutter to another.
    He cannot even stage a convincing anti Muslim riot and the street kids look like a parody of Mira Nairs Salaam Bombay with the worst dialogue delivery I have seen in a recent movie.

    I think he saw Nihalinis Dev and Nairs Salaam Bomay and then had a vision ... » read more

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