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Spread critic rating (Mid-Day): 1

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Spread  (2010 - English)

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Spread cumulative rating: 1.7 out of 51.7/5 (11 users)

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  • Anonymous

    Failed Attempt At A Refined Comedy

    Spread rating: 0 out of 10

    By Anonymous (18 Jun 2010)

    Spread is a lame attempt at creating a sophisticated sex comedy. A sex comedy cannot be sophisticated; the jokes are fun because they are crass. Spread attempts to do something new – be a refined sex comedy. It ends up being dumb!

    Starring Ashton Kutcher, Anne Heche and Margarita Levieva in the lead roles, Spread is written by Jason Dean Hall and directed by David Mackenzie. The film has the done-to-death story about a womanizer who can’t stick to one single woman but then eventually falls for someone who doesn’t even look at him twice. By the culmination, it ... » read more

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