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Striker  (2010 - Hindi)

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Yet, this is neither a rags-to-success story of a national carrom champion (which it could’ve been). Nor is it a simplistic prequel to Satya’s Bhikhu Mhatre (that it seemed to be). The hero’s complex journey develops over such strong shades of black-gray that you could even shift uncomfortably on your seat as you watch the protagonist rape a girl he could’ve loved. The story is in the grittiness of experience. Judgment isn’t fed; purpose, not expressly defined. This can be a problem for certain audiences who like to be told everything: who’s the loved hero or feared villain, why to empathise, when to emote… Sure this film is different then. Shouldn’t each be anyway? Worth it, all the way.more

Striker scores full marks for authenticity -- for its accurate portrayal of the city's dark underbelly, for its use of real locations and for its consistent colloquial dialogue. The film falters eventually because it can't find its feet. There's a side-track about the communal riots which is never fully developed. There are two romantic tracks, the first entirely dispensable, the second too convenient. Surya's journey too comes off as half-baked, and his final voice-over which is meant to put things into perspective, leaves you entirely underwhelmed.more

Striker is not the first film, where you sit and wonder what the film is about. But magical moments and individual scenes often take care of many lousy themes. Like it had done in Arora’s earlier two films. But here such sparklers are too few and far in between. Ek board, chaar pocket, 18 pieces, aur do striker... Chandan and Siddharth play it fair but sadly miss the queen.more

With Striker Director Chandan Arora continues to successfully strike out for new grounds. The high point of the film is its authenticity, its heartwarming tale and its performances. Siddharth's Surya is a fine follow-up act to his Rang De Basanti's new age revolutionary. Others to watch out for are Aditya Pancholi who reinvents himself as the local goon, Ankur Vikal, as Zaid, the spaced-out bird on a wire, Vidya Malvade as the understanding elder sister and Padmapriya, the tart with a heart. Don't believe the lack lustre promos. The film has more meat -- and meaning -- than it promises. more

Ultimately what makes Striker a big deal is not its obviously visceral atmosphere or the various tangents it branches into but an impressive ensemble of little to unknown faces that allow you to interpret the story with an entirely fresh perspective. With the glaring exception of Panscholi who plays a scar-faced gang lord in the exaggerated tone of a Sanjay Gupta crime caper, all other actors, lend a little something to the scene. more

Striker is beautifully shot, specially the carrom match ups, very well styled, while Siddharth, Pancholi, Biswas and especially Ankur Vakil are excellent. Chandan Arora, who earlier directed the delightful Main Meri Patni aur Woh, keeps a tight rein on the storytelling, only to falter in the screenplay, especially post interval. The first love story just doesn’t add up, while the backdrop of the riots seems contrived. more

Hamlet and Devdas would've taken a bow before this prince of indecision. It's a recurring feeling you get while watching Striker. Surya (Siddharth) doesn't really know what he wants. As a kid, he looked up to his elder brother and later, rebelled against him. This one doesn't know where it's headed and what it wants to do and simply goes with the flow. Not always the best plan. At least not in this case. Wait till it's out on DVD. You won't be missing much. Sid skids on this one. You better run for cover!more

STRIKER stikes a chord for two overwhelming performances. One by a lesser-known actor named Ankur Vikal who plays Zayed and another by Aditya Pancholi who plays Jaleel. Take these two out and STRIKER will fall flat. The movie has a unique concept by way of a lesser know sport carrom, but dilutes it with the backdrop of the riots of 1992. Siddharth as Surya fits into the common man mould but at times tries hard to be the part unlike Ankur and Aditya. If only for its off-beat treatment and detailing, of childhood buddies and dreams, and subtle romance, this movie is worth a watch. There's no gloss, but lots of substance.more

Malvani, a tiny Mumbai `basti’, has a major preoccupation—carrom. How a recreational activity can turn into a blood sport is the thrust of `Striker’, a striking example of just how good a film can be when the setting and the people are real. And it is an equally striking example of how a terrific effort can lose steam when it moves away from its central focus. Surya ( Siddharth) grows up surrounded by tiny by-lanes and makeshift shanties\more

Striker is the kind of film that fills you with regret. There is skilful direction here, some nicely etched moments and commendable performances and yet the film never gathers enough momentum to make an impact. Striker never becomes the film it could have been. Striker is the story of Surya, played by Siddharth, a poor boy distinguished by one talent – a fierce ability to play carrom. Unfortunately this puts him on the radar of Jaleel Bhai, played by Aditya Pancholi, the local goon who runs gambling rackets in Malwani, the far-flung suburb of Mumbai, where Surya lives.more