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Talaash critic rating (Hindustan Times): 3
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Talaash critic rating ( 3.5
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Talaash critic rating ( 4.5
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Talaash critic rating (The Telegraph): 3
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Talaash critic rating (DNA India): 3.5

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Talaash  (2012 - Hindi)

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Talaash cumulative rating: 3.15 out of 53.15/5 (278 users)

Talaash critics rating: 3.4 out of 5 3.4/5 (23 critics)

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  • Divya Solgama

    A Beautifully Woven Story, But…

    Talaash rating: 7 out of 10

    By Divya Solgama(30 Nov 2012)

    Aamir Khan is one such brilliant actor of our time who keeps attempting something different with his films and majority times had a satisfying innings at the box office too. He balances so well with blockbusters and quality cinema that even small films like ‘Taare Zameen Par’ managed to get great reviews and cross the 100Cr mark. Words fall short in praise of this Ace actor, but with all these comes a minor negative point – Cine-goer’s expectation level which keeps getting higher and higher with every upcoming release of his. Even out here with his latest film ‘Talaash’, ... » read more

  • Anonymous

    Realistically 'Unreal'...

    Talaash rating: 0 out of 10

    By Anonymous (02 Dec 2012)

    THE RECOLLECTION: It was August, 1994…I went to watch 'Hum Aapke Hain Koun' with my cousin sisters…We reached the hall earlier to ensure the availability of tickets as the earlier shows went housefull…We got the tickets, roamed around in the streets to pass the extra time & entered into the hall at the right time..The advertisement started, followed by the promos of the upcoming films…But, we noticed that the promos are dragging too far…After the promo of an animated film went on for 20 minutes approximately, we could not help asking another viewer sitting beside us, "When ... » read more

  • Aditya Prasad

    A must watch high intensity thriller!

    Talaash rating: 8 out of 10

    By Aditya Prasad(01 Dec 2012)

    I am NOT revealing any secrets, spoilers or even the slightest part of this suspense thriller movie, so please feel free to read more.

    Aamir Khan gives you as usual 'hatke' movie after 3 years. Dhobi Ghat did come last year but then it was dubbed as art cinema. Well, after 3 Idiots' and the more recent Satyamev Jayate's success, guess the aam aadmi started expecting super human performances from this man! Not fair, Aamir is a super talented actor and does more versatile roles than any other top actor. Talaash is a must watch serious thriller, grab your cola properly, ... » read more

  • sanjeeb banerjee

    [Review] Talaash - 7/10 (Bengali)

    Talaash rating: 6 out of 10

    By sanjeeb banerjee(30 Nov 2012)

    Aamir Khan'er 3 IDIOTS chhobi tao first day first show dekhechilam Priya te, Taalash aaro beshi kore dekhte gelam karon suspence chhobir ekta negative dik thekei jaaye, dorshok ra hall theke beriye baire bole beratey suru kore climax 'e ki ghotechhe golpe aar segulo kaane ele mul chhobi dekhar obhiggyota tai maati hoye jaai! Taai 22she Shrabon o aami first day first show dekhe felechhilam. Jaai hok chhobi dekhte bose, ekta shaanti pelam je pordaaye jaai ghotuk na keno, seta aro kichu dorshok er songe aamio prothom dekhbo, onno oneker theke agay!

    Chhobi suru holo ... » read more

  • Debashis Goswami

    Gripping - the one word for the movie

    Talaash rating: 0 out of 10

    By Debashis Goswami(02 Dec 2012)

    Is Talaash a similar landmark Aamir Khan movie like Dil Chahta Hai or or Taare Zameen Par or 3 Idiots? Probabaly not. It is an out and out commercial movie with top commercial movie actors.

    Does this mean it is disappointing? Not at all... It will surely rank as one of the best suspense movies of recent years. It will probably not leave you in tears and in somber mood like Taare Zameen Par but there are plenty of talking points about it when you are out of the cinema.

    Inspector Shekhawat (Aamir) is one sad person. He is investigating an accident that ... » read more

  • Rajesh Bhat

    Rowdy Reviewer is Back- Talaash – The real one

    Talaash rating: 2 out of 10

    By Rajesh Bhat(02 Dec 2012)

    Rowdy Reviewer is Back- Talaash – The real one
    The movie is brilliantly made by Reema Katgi, very powerful acting by Ammir Khan , Kareena and Rani, great music by SELoyand totally Gripping story.

    If this is what u want to hear then request you to read the Time of India page 2 , 30th Nov

    ...It took me some time to Talaash the movie so I was a bit delayed.

    If the movie was meant to be a suspense, it did a good job I must say. Flurry of emails and phone calls About who the murderer is, created a lot of suspense. Might be one of Aamir’s gimmicks, ... » read more

  • Pratima Chaudhuri

    “Taalash ... search for the demons within”

    Talaash rating: 7 out of 10

    By Pratima Chaudhuri(04 Dec 2012)

    I always have had a complaint against Aamir Khan! Even though he holds entitlement to half a dozen thoughtful movies that have been top grossers in the Industry, still he plays safe...whether it is 3 Idiots or Lagaan or Dil Chahta Hain. They were all fabulous movies, but very formulae driven...very black & white, and lacked grey; well, exception is Rang de Basanti ...but then it was not just an ‘Aamir Khan’ flick. But with ‘Taalash’, I wouldn’t have that complaint against him anymore! While watching the movie, the thought that crossed me was, “did he know how the movie ... » read more

  • Arunava Gangopadhyay

    Thumbs up to Talaash

    Talaash rating: 7 out of 10

    By Arunava Gangopadhyay(06 Dec 2012)

    Talaash hobita release howar por theke charidike je 'kannar roll' (je kanna sune Rudali gosthir mahilarao aantke utchen!) uteche je Aamir Khan eta ki korlen bole, ebong ei kannar roll jnara tulechen prathamei tnader mathay 'virtual gatta'! 3:)
    Khub benchechi chobita suspense thriller howate, gappo bolte hobena.
    Chobita pratham theke suspense film-er dharmo bojay rekhe seshe giye hoye jaay 'supernatural' (tate kar babar ki elo gelo janina jodio!), mane eke 'bidhormi' suspense thriller bolai jaay ; kintu sobai emon buk chaprachhe je ete avinay kore Aamir Khan jeno ... » read more

  • Pratibha Yadav

    Review of Talaash

    Talaash rating: 7 out of 10

    By Pratibha Yadav(09 Dec 2012)

    Even after low promotions of Talaash, the film opened in a grand way, such is the power of Aamir Khan when it comes to his films!
    Like his other films even Talaash is different from a regular Bollywood flick. The film stands by its promise to deliver the best. It may not be as good as the previous films of Aamir Khan but it does manage to impress us with the suspense created throughout the movie.
    The story is captivating and moves ahead with lots of twists and turns. Aamir is at his best but this time Kareena Kapoor steals the show. Rani Mukherji plays her part ... » read more

  • srinivasan venkataraman


    Talaash rating: 8 out of 10

    By srinivasan venkataraman(01 Dec 2012)

    First of all before writing the review for TALAASH, I need to talaash for some superlatives. Aamir's movie after a gap of 3 years, he is back with a bang. There is one thing which is true about Aamir, he is very emotional and sensitive. He has shown this side of his in the movie. I have seen all his interviews during the promotions of Talaash, he said 2 things 1) Talaash is a Suspense Drama 2) He gives out a social message. Both things are true, Talaash is not a thriller it is a suspense drama like Jewel Thief, Gumnaam. Secondly it gives out a message about coming in terms ... » read more

Film: Talaash; Cast: Aamir Khan, Rani Mukerji, Kareena Kapoor, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Shernaz Patel; Director: Reema Kagti; Rating:

Aamir Khan never ceases to surprise viewers. In Talaash, he does so quite literally. The succinctly written, complex screenplay, smoothly interlays between the police investigation and personal emotional turmoil of the characters make Talaash a nail-biting thriller.

The plot about a police officer Surjan Singh Shekhawat (Aamir Khan) investigating a high profile case of film star Armaan Kapoor's accidental death keeps you riveted. Alongside the main plot, one gathers» Read full review

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