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Tashan  (2008 - Hindi)

Tashan movie review, and Tashan critics rating, comments on Tashan

Tashan cumulative rating: 2.5 out of 52.5/5 (36 users)

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  • Tashan rating: 6 out of 10(Rohit wrote on 28 Apr 2008)

    Tashan - 'The' Hindi Phillum. The movie starts with 'the' in the title credits. Offlate this is a new way people have learned to bash English language, by adding 'the' to everything they speak. Anyways, I was not at all expecting the movie to be any great, and after some reviews I was rather expecting it to be terrible and thus after watching it thankfully I wasn't anything such as disappointed. I really don't know if I liked the movie or disliked it. Anyways, lets talk about flaws which everyone is pointing. Flaws? There are so many that I lost the count in the movie itself. But by the end of it, I don't feel like counting 'Akshay Kumar beating 100s together or escaping from tons of bullets fired' or any such scenes as "flaws". Because we need to understand, these are not flaws, its just the way the director wanted the entire film to be. A bomb blast in the garage but still the actors coming out safe? Saif getting burnt but yet riding the jet ski? No marks of a fired bullet on Akshay's hands? Ah! They are not really any flaws, its just the way this film or say 'phillum' has been presented. Think about it, YRF's are not some cheap or poor production house who cannot afford high tech action scenes. The same director who wrote Dhoom series and it had all such highly mastered action scenes, but why in his own movie will he chose a 'Rajnikant/Mithun type' action? Well, the fact remains the same. Because he WANTED it to be. Thats how he wanted the film to look. A desi action dose. Same goes in the songs. People say the lyrics were terrible? I disagree! You need to get this, lyrics are always written on the basis of the entire script and concept of the song. And thus lyircs like "Gora chehra jaise moon, kaali zulfen jaise cloud" are not terrible lyrics. BUT the 'real' typical desi version of entertainment. It does full justice to the song. Thats how the director wanted it to be. So thats not any fault et al. Now it seems I'm in love with the movie, BUT now let me talk about the "real" flaws. First and foremost. Screenplay- BAD, BAD BAD, truly bad. Period! Script- I'd not exactly say it was bad, but it had tooo many flaws, again not in terms of those illogical scenes, but still the whole idea of involving a police inspector and that entire action sequence in Jaipur was bullshit. So not needed, coz right after that movie picks up on a altogether different track. It seemed baseless. And why on earth did they needed to shoot in Ladhakh? Where does Ladhakh fall in the way to Haridwar? I mean, just to add to the style quotient with some exotic locations. They go out of their way to become sooo illogical? Thats really disappointing. Background music- It was average, but I would have loved if they'd used the basic theme of Tashan more which was in the trailers. Choreography- Vaibhavi Merchant deserves BIG TIME thrashing. She completely ruined 'Dil Haara' such a beautiful track. The cinematography was fine, but choreography BAD. Even my fav track "Dil Dance Maare" was sooooooo not worth. I was expecting a much desi-er version of it. Again camera work being good, but dance steps making the song loose its charm. No justice to it et al. "Chaliya" was still good. "Falak Tak" seemed another "Bol Na Halke Halke", nonetheless song is beautiful. Acting- Saif Ali Khan - Another stylized flick where he has been wasted. The only scene I loved was the last one where he speaks Bhaiyaji type English. Rest he's there just to be there. But I'm sure our Nawab Saab won't regret this film ever, after all he fell in love with ''Bhabhi Ji'' on Tashan's sets. Anil Kapoor- The character was good. I don't find it wrong, but definitely after a point of time. Toooooooo cliched. The dialogues were not funny enough after a time. Rather difficult to understand. But still I loved his imitation of "Aaj khush toh bahut hoge tum". Kareena Kapoor- Average, thats it. Nothing great, no newness. Nothing extra ordinary. And she's turned out to be sooooooooo skinny. I lub Kareena but still I don't like too skinny girls. She was looking like a white lizard. Even in the bikini scene, her front look was errr... bleh, but yeah from behind she looked waaaaaooooww!! Akshay Kumar - Oh Yeah! The not-so-friendly neighborhood spiderman Bachchan Pandey was the best of the lot. As it is, there is no one to beat him in comic timing, so hands down he was as usual great in pulling off the character. It wasn't anything excellent or something, and I still stick to my point, he couldn't catch the Bihari tone et al. But still, he gave a good performance, and since he's known as the best entertainer, he maintained our trust all throughout the movie. Best scene would be when Kareena tells him she is gudiya and that she loves him, Akshay was tooo good with his expressions when he doesn't knows how to react and what to say in that scene and cries. Wow!! Final Verdict:- Tashan is NOT a normal movie, its one true hardcore example of 'Hindi Phillum'. Thats what our industry has been known for, stupid action scenes mindless songs n blah. And Tashan wins this title after long! The Hindi Phillum Tashan is the definitely worth the watch. Yeh phillum once time zaroor dekhing. My Rating- 2.5/5 (as a critic) 3/5 (as a hindi film lover) Rohit!

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