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The Karate Kid  (2010 - English)

story of The Karate Kid, The Karate Kid plot

The Karate Kid cumulative rating: 3.45 out of 53.45/5 (18 users)

The Karate Kid critics rating: 2.9 out of 5 2.9/5 (6 critics)

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The Karate Kid story, synopsis, plot

Plot Summary: 12-year-old Dre Parker's (Jaden) mother's latest career move has landed him in China. Dre immediately falls for his classmate Mei Ying - & the feeling is mutual - but cultural differences make such a friendship impossible. Even worse, Dre's feelings make him an enemy!

    Kirti Sharma

    By Kirti Sharma(10 Jun 2010)

    On the way, he tells Parker that the water that he is so thirsty for is at the top in the Dragon Well. Parker uses the bamboo sticks to drag Han out of the broken car to train and keep his mind off of the past. At home, Sherry is oblivious that anything has happened. Parker is given a day off training because "too much of anything is not good”. As they walk through the temple-like area, Parker shows interest in a lady following gently to the movement of a cobra. Han explains how each move, added with strong firmness, can be used as a defense technique. He is put up against a person who goes to Cheng's kung-fu school. Han explains that the lady is not following the cobra, but the cobra is following the lady. Both Parker and Mei Ying find it difficult to form a solid friendship with each other because of their cultural differences and because Cheng seems to disapprove of them even making eye contact, and bullies Parker whenever he sees this. With the bullies constantly throwing him to the ground and with no one else to turn to, the outlook for Parker's new life looks bleak until he meets Mr. The master tells the boy to break Parker's leg, which he does reluctantly, getting disqualified for an illegal repetitive attack to the knee. This is a result of her being transferred by the car making company she works for.

    Parker starts off badly because he runs away off of the mat, making him lose a point, but regains courage and makes his way to the semifinals. He then expands to tell Parker how everything we do is kung-fu. When they get back, they start more serious training. But if the waters are still, your reflection will follow you. Han’s place even though there's no practice, and sees that Mr. Later, he rushes to go see Mei Ying's audition that she has been practicing for but is told that he is banned from her life by her father. The next day, on Parker's first day of school, Sherry realizes that Dre has makeup covering a black eye, but Dre is able to dismiss it by saying he ran into a pole. Afterwards, he discovers Mei Ying's talented skills with the violin, but sees that her teacher thinks that she rushes and thinks that practicing during lunch is not enough, so she must make time during the weekend. Han has destroyed the car he has been fixing with a baseball bat. They go to the Great Wall of China to train endurance and speed. He makes Parker do the same tasks continuously for long periods.

    Twelve year old Dre Parker (Jaden Smith) is the most popular kid in Detroit, Michigan until him and his single mother Sherry (Tarija P). Sherry comes in and sees the training and smiles as the movie quickly skips to the Martial Arts Tournament. As they reach the room of the Dragon Well, Han teaches, with the reflection of the water, that if you stir the waters, your reflection will be gone. As Cheng begins to run, Parker immediately jumps, flips, and brings his foot down on Cheng's head to win the last point. Cheng's master tells him to try and break Parker's leg, which is successfully done legally. After Parker shows anger towards this continuous training, Mr. He does this continually as Mr. In their new home in Beijing, Parker falls for a young school student named Mei Ying that he sees in the park. Parker spends the day telling Mei Ying the same thing and takes her away from going to practice to cut class and have fun. Han teaches Parker kung-fu through unconventional, yet effective techniques.

    He stares at Cheng and turns his head. Put on a jacket, take it off, hang it, take it down, drop it on the floor, and pick it up. A quirky mentor and a kung-fu master in secret, Mr. They do a little training of the reflection with long poles of bamboo with rope loops at the end. The last scene freezes with Parker walking away with Han's hand on his shoulder. Han (Jackie Chan), his building's maintenance man, who makes a deal with the bullies' kung-fu merciless master that if they let Dre train they can fight Dre in the upcoming martial arts tournament. As Dre flirts with Ying, an infamous bully named Cheng comes to pick on Parker's strange dance moves. With 2 wins, 2 losses, and one match left, Parker slowly gets up and balances on his good leg, and reaches his arms out like he remembers the cobra lady did.

    Parker thinks that Han will teach him this "mind control" but is told that it takes a lifetime to master. The plot bears many similarities to the original Karate Kid film, with some notable differences. Han learned kung-fu from his father. Cheng ruthlessly knocks Parker down when the fight starts, giving him one point, but Parker counters with 2 wins made by moves he practiced with Mr. Parker decide to go to Mr. As the Master of Ceremonies is about to announce Cheng the winner by default, Parker walks out of the infirmary, healed by an ancient healing technique Han used. This part can be seen in the trailer for this movie. Han tells him that the day is the same day as the day he drove 2 people to their death in a car crash but only he survived. Cheng follows, wondering what Parker is planning. During school, Parker is "accidentally" bumped into by Cheng, who he realized earlier goes to the same school. Henson) move to Beijing. Han fixes a car in his living room. They travel to the place where Han was born, and climb the stairs up a very large mountain until they reach the area where Mr.

    As Dre tries to fight back, he is hurt even more in the process, with a restrained Ying forced to watch.

    Nilesh P. Khandare

    By Nilesh P. Khandare(11 May 2010)

    In Columbia Pictures' The Karate Kid, 12-year-old Dre Parker (Jaden Smith) could've been the most popular kid in Detroit, but his mother's (Taraji P. Henson) latest career move has» read more