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The King's Speech  (2011 - English)

The King's Speech movie review, and The King's Speech critics rating, comments on The King's Speech

The King's Speech cumulative rating: 4.3 out of 54.3/5 (21 users)

The King's Speech critics rating: 3.85 out of 5 3.85/5 (3 critics)

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  • It’s a Speech-less!

    The King's Speech rating: 9 out of 10(Aakash Barvalia wrote on 06 Mar 2011)

    Suggestion: Don’t view my review if you haven’t watch the movie, but do experience it, and you would definitely share the same feeling which I am sharing by making a bold title above.

    THE KING’S SPEECH is one of its kinds, which can be said as a ‘Lifetime Movie’. Many a times I just wonder that how can one be so creative that by taking just one silly idea, and to put that into a big feature film, with flawless narration into it, is just un-imaginable. And that’s why, because of its splendid narration from one silly theme/idea, with the ofcourse support by extra-ordinary performances, this movie receives, which definitely deserves, an OSCAR.

    It’s based on the era where the King George Fifth is getting old and is having its bad health condition. He is having his two sons, where one is somewhat womanizer and the other stammers very often. One is not recommendable because of its bad attitude, and the other is not feasible because of its stammers problem. Whenever he tries to give speech in front of the public, he always stammers a lot and that disqualifies him in becoming a good king. One fine day his mistress, Queen Elizabeth, gets to encounter with one speech therapist, Lionel Logue, with whom initially the king doesn’t get very much impress, but later on when he experienced his techniques and methods, which was very unique and different from all others doctors, he and his mistress got impressed on a first note and found a ray of hope that the next King George VI will be now cured very soon. But the lord majesty was having its ‘KING’ attitude in it, power of ego throughout, was very short tempered, and many other basic bad qualities. Now which his speech therapist decided to make an end of these small bad qualities in it, and then only he can be perfectly cure. In the entire movie, several phases were been picturized about how King George VI was being getting humiliated in front of his own brother, how because of his speech he was getting everytime ashamed, how he was lacking confidence inside him, how many-a-times he was getting rude to speech therapist but somehow both were getting patched up, and just so on. Once after becoming King George VI, due to some fortunate situations, he found out from his associates that his speech therapist is not a qualified therapist/doctor, and still he is considering himself as a doctor and curing people. He was first initially thinking that this is a fraud case, and he cheated the King, but then later on he realized that no matter he is a doctor or therapist, his unique techniques and methods which he said he gained from his own personal experiences, was making perfect him and no matter who or whatever he is, he was getting cured with his own methods and techniques. He officially welcomed him again with his open arms in front of everybody and that’s where his ego power, attitude and so on was visible to that therapist. At the end the climax and the u-turn part came, when World War 2 is about to be begin or has been started, and the king has to make an official announcement for this by giving a commendable ‘speech’ to his fellow citizens, who are reliable on ‘The King’ to save the nation. Now he is on the stage of getting cured and not had completely cured, and that where this critical situation came where he still stammers a lot especially while giving a speech. This time his speech therapist cum family friend, Lionel Logue, gave him the super technique, which helped him enormously and by this he gave an astonishing speech without any hesitation, stammering and with full of confidence to his fellow citizens, known as ‘THE KING’S SPEECH’ at the end, which was applauded by the entire nation.

    The main plus point of this movie, is its narration, which was nothing but a-speechless, and second thing the mind-blowing performances by Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush. Each and every scene was awe-inspiring, motivating, something giving good lessons for our valuable life, and just simply remarkable. The entire movie was flawless, right from its first scene when the King George VI is giving his first speech at Wimbledon Stadium, to the end of last frame where the King and his family are receiving applauses and applauses from the entire nation. The people in front of screen were not moving from their seats till the end credit title where it was mentioning about the future relationships between King and Speech therapists that they remained friends forever, and so on. I believe that was the magic of the film which were gripping the audience’s, right from its first frame to its last frame. About the performances, as I said earlier, that it was just simply spellbound and mesmerizing throughout. There’s many thing to say about this Superb Movie, but as I said in my title, I am just helplessly ‘Speechless’ after watching this amazing movie, especially after experiencing the last ‘King’s Speech’.

    Final Credit:
    This movie deserves an Oscar, this performance deserves an Oscar, and this story deserves an Oscar. This finally concludes that, this movie deserves to be ‘Watch’ soon at your nearest theatre.

    4.5 / 5

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    Aakash Barvalia

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