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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse review by Hindustan Times
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse critic rating (Hindustan Times): 2
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse review by
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse critic rating ( 2
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse review by The Telegraph
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse critic rating (The Telegraph): 2.5
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse review by Times of India
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse critic rating (Times of India): 3.5
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse review by DNA India
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse critic rating (DNA India): 2

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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse  (2010 - English)

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse movie review, and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse critics rating, comments on The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse cumulative rating: 3.15 out of 53.15/5 (8 users)

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse critics rating: 2.45 out of 5 2.45/5 (8 critics)

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  • It’s again… Twilight!

    The Twilight Saga: Eclipse rating: 5 out of 10(Aakash Barvalia wrote on 30 Jul 2010)

    The word “Twilight” means nightfall or sundown. This movie again drops us down with boring story and a bit of dull presentation. The first part of the movie was good for one-time watchable, the second one was strictly Ok, and this third one is just an average. There’s one good thing in all of this above movies, that in the every ending part of the movie, writer is not ending the movie that would open in its next sequel. They are giving a proper ending to all of the movies. There’s another good point in this movie that the writer is bringing some interesting point in this movie, by which the entire movie can be very easily remembered and can be said verbally by even a small kid. Let’s see what does this movie has inside him for us.


    In Part 1 the love story of Bella and Edward was being shown to us. How they met each other, how they both fell for each other, how Bella came to knew the secret of the Edward’s and his family, how the bad vampires Victoria and her associates are their enemies and now wanted to kill Bella first as she is human and now part of their family, and just so on.

    In Part 2 it was being shown that how Edward moved away, far away permanently from Bella’s life, just as to keep her safe, as he thought that if they would remain together she would be in danger all of her life, in Part 2 it was also shown that how Bella came to knew that her best friend Jacob is a Wolf and belongs to Wolves category, also she came to knew that since from history vampires and wolves are not good friends, and she also came to knew that Jacob is in love with her. Part 2 mainly revolves around how Bella tries to find out Edward and bring her back in her life, plus how Victoria is bad after Bella to kill her.

    And now in Part 3, this story is being more enhanced by focusing on more this triangular love story between Edward-Bella-Jacob. Also the interesting part is being involved in it is that Victoria has formed her team like making an army by converting innocent peoples into vampires. And with the help of her this army she wanted to take revenge with Edward Cullen’s family, by killing them all including first Bella, as in first part Cullen’s family has killed all of the Victoria’s associates and her families in the end.

    My Comment:

    In all of the three parts, there were all three different directors who directed this movie, though the writers are all same in all of these three parts. The plus point is that all of these three different directors had not changed the pace of the direction. Al of the three had kept the same mood of the movie which is being shown to us by the first director. Means once you have seen the Part 1 movie very first time, the feel and the mood of that movie which you must have got, that twilight is this type of movie; the same feel and the same mood is being kept by the other two directors in their respective parts. For example like many sequel films in our Bollywood, for like Hera Pheri Part 1 has left us one image in our mind, and similarly if we watch Hera Pheri Part 2 then that image will be completely lost in comparison with this. So the point is that all the three different directors has managed to keep the same pace, and a full marks this to them. And plus the overall direction of this movie by Mr. David Slade was good and impressive, especially in the thrilling scenes.

    Performances by all of them were as great as we have seen in their previous versions. So need to give any comments on their performances as all of them were as usual, as great. The only lacking part here was the story, that also as usual. In nearly more than half of the movie, the story of the movie was being focused on the triangular love story between Edward-Bella-Jacob. In this movie Bella also admits that she is love with Jacob and also kissed Jacob in front of her love Edward, and then tells him that she loves him more than Jacob. Wow, what a cool triangular love story. Apart from this love story, in the entire movie Bella just gossips with each and every Cullen’s member’s family, tries to know their past history, and the movie goes to flashback. The action and thrilling scenes between Cullen’s family, Wolves and between Victoria and his army comes just at the end of the movie, just as usual, and the movie ends with the discussion between Edward and Bella on their marriage, just as usual in all of the three parts.

    Final verdict:

    If you have read the novel of this movie first, then obviously you would find it an Ok film, but if you haven’t then you would find it an average movie, but by only comparing it with its previous versions. And if you watched the previous two versions, then do watch this for a change to know the enhanced story. (My suggestion, don’t waste your precious money, read this review instead and your money will be saved).

    2.5 / 5

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