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3 Kanya  (2012 - Bengali)

3 Kanya movie review, and 3 Kanya critics rating, comments on 3 Kanya

3 Kanya cumulative rating: 2.4 out of 52.4/5 (110 users)

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  • A totally different '3' Kanya

    3 Kanya rating: 4 out of 10(Aditya Chakrabarty wrote on 03 Nov 2012)

    3 Kanya, Agnidev Chatterjee’s latest film has no similarity with the Teen Kanya we know of Satyajit Ray. The Teen Kanya of yesteryear is considered to be a classic and a dramatic film. 3 Kanya is also a dramatic film, but of a different level altogether. This 3 Kanya is a psychological thriller and takes the cinematic experience to a different level altogether.

    3 Kanya is not exactly about three daughters, but about three women. Three very different women. We have Aparna- the 1st Kanya,a budding TV journalist Aparna who gets to interview a special person someone whose case will take the channel to new heights-Nancy who has been raped by 3 guys after she came across them at a nightclub(Park Street rape case anyone?). She is also having marital problems because she suspects her husband of having an affair with I.P.S Damini Mishra.

    Nancy the 2nd Kanya and the rape victim turns out to be a sex worker turns out to be HIV Positive.

    The 3rd Kanya- Damini Mishra, a I.P.S officer turns out to be a very strong and able officer ,a no nonsense officer. She has a connection with Aparna. What is it? Here starts the main story...

    We come to realise the psychological aspect of it when we come to know that Aparna suffers from schizophrenia and has multiple personality disorders. She imagines Damini is having an affair with her husband is also turning on her charms on her which is why she bumps off her husband first, then the underworld don(Rajatava Dutta) and then tries to kill Damini because her alter ego has taken over her body completely. This comes as a quite a shock to us because all of a sudden in the 2nd half towards the latter half, too many things start happening which is surprising, shocking and bewildering. Just when you see Rajatava , Aparna ‘s husband (Sudip Mukherjee) making love to Damini, then again you get to see Damini and Aparna cavorting all of a sudden, you are really confused. Things start getting gruesome too as not only Aparna stabs people , but suddenly a finger which has been cut and maggots are feeding on it appears in a box as does the underworld don’s severed head. This is probably too much for anyone to take as is the format of story telling and continuity . In fact, the psychological aspect becomes a ‘pschological cinematic testing experience’ for the viewers.

    The character of Aparna is somewhat bewildering because right at the end you get to know the real Aparna because the director wanted to keep the suspense. She howls, she shrieks, she acts, she makes out with people- Rituparna as Aparna does everything possible in one role in this film. Ananya Chatterjee as Nancy, the rape victim is the best of the lot and she is able to bring out the agony and against of a rape victim clearly. When journalists like Aparna question Nancy and ask if her profession goes against her because she has been raped, we ask-really,can a sex worker be raped and liberties be taken against her wishes just because she is a sex worker? We want answers even from the maker of this film. Okay maybe to compensate, the three rapists have been dealt with in a fitting manner, but we still want answers. Unnati Davara who makes her debut in films with this film has her voice dubbed (by Koneenica Banerjee) and looks too glamorous and burdened with make up as I.P.S Damini Mishra. In a few scenes, she looks to be doing the catwalk though she seems to be all right in the other scenes. There is a trend in Bengali cinema of using profanity in the last 2 couple of years and even in this film it is at it’s extreme.One of the few plus points of this film is it’s music.It has some beautiful songs like Yaad Piya Ki Aye(Ustad Rashid Khan and Shreya Ghoshal), Bhalobashi(Kaushiki Desikan) and Gole Male(Monali Thakur and Arijit Singh which is one of the best Bengali foot tapping numbers to have been composed in recent times which is ideal for a nightclub and incidentally the song has been composed for a nightclub sequence). Credit goes to Indradeep Dasgupta, the composer.

    Therefore let people not get the shudders when they see this film(though they will!) and let them definitely forget the previous Teen Kanya when they are viewing this film.

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