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Trishna  (2009 - Bengali)

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  • Trishna rating: 0 out of 10(Aditya Chakrabarty wrote on 01 Feb 2009)

    Trishna,noted distributor/producer Pritam Jalan's directorial venture, turns out to be one of the the most misleading film of our times.The film with it's posters of Rituparna in revealing attire is indeed a clever marketing gimmick,but surprise! surprise! it turns out to be a ditto copy of the hit Hindi film Jism and it remains to be seen how successfull it will be in drawing audiences to the theaters. The story goes like this-
    Raja, a professional photographer and a playboy comes across Tiasha at a bar. She is totally different from the girls he knows and she has an electrifying presence and she totally captivates him. She is hot and sensous and Raja lusts after her.He starts having an affair with Tiasha. She tells him that her mother has blood cancer and she doesnt have good relations with her husband who is away.She tells him that Shekhar is not a nice person.Shekhar comes home one day and meets Raja at the bar and they get acqainted with each other.Tiasha tells Raja that Shekhar has made a will whereby he has decided to leave half his pro[perty to his wife and half to his sister Sumana whom she is close to. But Sumana and Tiasha cant stand each other.Raja decides to eliminate Shekhar in order to be with Tiasha.
    One night Raja come to Tiasha’s house to kill Shekhar and he gets killed when there is a tussle between both of them .They try to dispose of Shekhar’s body by dumping the body in the sea. Meanwhile Subir and Rana,(Raj’s childhood friends) tell Raj to change his ways as they have noticed a change in him lately.Raja is put behind bars on charges of murdering Shekhar as a button of his jacket had been found near the scene of The murder, but he is soon released .He come to know that he has been appointed the executor of the new will which Shekhar had made a few days back before his death leaving his entire property to Tiasha.Sumana believes that this will is fake. She meets Raja in private one day and tells him the truth about Tiasha .She had given a locket to Raja which is accidentally left behind at the beach while disposing Shekhar’s body.Subir, the S.P(Raja’s friend), who is investigating the case tells him to mend his ways, but he refuses to listen.Tiasha calls up Raja one day and asks him to meet at her residence.He refuses to entertain her in the beginning as he had begun to disbelieve her, but gives in to her demand.On reaching her residence, he finds a bag in the garden house and realizes that Tiasha must have killed Sumana.Tiasha is nowhere to be seen, so Raja decides to wait for Tiasha and finish her off once she arrives. Subir, Raja’s friend also arrives there and conceals himself and watches the proceedings .She arrives soon after nad pleads innocence, but Raja refuses to believe her.Tiasha tells him there is proof in the garden house and she goes there, but there is a huge blast.Subir tells Raja later that Tiasha had escaped though Raja had thought her to be dead and she is nowhere to be found.Aftera year , Tiasha reappears at the same place wearing the same outfit waiting for her next prey.
    The film fails to deliver either by way of performances or content and some of the performances especially of newcomer Angshuman as Raja and Lokesh Ghosh as Subir are below par.Rituparna unfortunately is no Bipasha, but she is the only person who shows her capabilities to an extent playing the part of a' femme fatale' .The storyline isnt gripping and the editing is below par at places.Even in the music especially in the background theme there is not even a bit of originality and all we hear is Kenny G and even Robert Miles at times.The audience got so bored at one particular theater that they laughed throughout the film and even left some time before the film got over.

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