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U Turn  (2010 - Bengali)

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  • ‘A new dimensional film ‘

    U Turn rating: 5 out of 10(Aditya Chakrabarty wrote on 07 Aug 2010)

    This is definitely the first Bengali film and maybe also one of the first Indian films to explore D.I.D (dissociative identity disorder) on large such a large scale. This is primarily a condition where a person displays multiple personalities (or later egos).At a time an individual might be having two different personalities which take control of him/her which he is unable to stop and as a result a person might have memory loss, depression, flashbacks of any trauma , lack of personal connection, certain phobias all of which we get to see in the character of Rohini.Her alter ego in the form of Tinu, her step sister is shown right at the end of the film where she literally becomes a little child after she is caught red handed.

    A group of eight friends-four girls and four guys are best of friends. They always hang around together and enjoy life to the fullest. They go for long drives, they visit pubs and discos and they lead an absolute bohemian life. One day they decide to go for an outing outside Kolkata to North Bengal. As they have no prior booking, they happen to come across a bungalow which is completely deserted save a weird caretaker. One of the girls, Rohini, seems to recognize the bungalow and even a particular room of the place as this place used to be owned by her father. She had come during childhood and had witnessed the death of her father at the hands of her stepmother and that incident continues to haunt her as well as other things which is why she has dissociative identity disorder(a person having who has split personalities).Meanwhile one of her male friends is found dead at night having been murdered. All of them decide not to go to the police. Very soon another of their male friends lands up dead. All of them are highly disturbed over the matter.
    At that time suddenly a fellow traveler called Bibek Roy happens to arrive there and asks them if he can stay there. Though they are reluctant at first, but then they give in. During this phase or rather even from before hand, all the friends get to know each other better and see sides of their respective friends which they have never seen. Even after Bibek arrives (they actually suspect him as well as Rohini and Saswati), another of their male friends get killed. This gets too much even for Bibek and he wants to get to the root of the matter and solve the case as he is actually a clinical psychologist who is totally aware of everything that has happened till date. One particular night when the remaining male of the group Orbit is taking at night, suddenly someone tries to strike him with a hammer but is prevented by Bibek who was right behind. It seems that very person is Rohini who has multiple personalities in her. One of them is herself and the other is her step sister who was left handed. All the victims have been killed by a left handed person as Bibek had thought initially, but it turns out that actually Rohini was killing everyone withy her left hand because then instead of Rohini it was her step sister who used to take over at that point of time. She had a hatred toward males from a young age because she had seen her step mother killing her father because she loved another man. Since she had lost her father because of other men, Rohini had developed this peculiar hatred towards men and was therefore killing only her male friends. Her other multiple personality comes into being where she is shown to speak just like a little child after she is taken to her room as at that point her other split personality has taken over. It also turns out that one of her friends, Saswati, whom everyone was suspecting of being the murderer since she is left handed turns out to be her step sister which her step sister had long known and had always tried to stay close to her in order to protect her so that no harm comes to her.

    The remarkable thing about this film is it has practically new faces save Soumili and Indrajit who cant be considered stars, a new director, producer and to an extent new music directors as well, yet the subject matter is so thought provoking it itself is a wonder that this subject has been dealt with by Animesh Roy, the director who as written the story as well quite well. This film is clearly a psychological thriller with more than it’ share of chill rather than thrill and has Hollywood written all over it rather than Tollywood or Bollywood.The background score is excellent to keep the momentum as well as the scare factor going. The progresses at a pace where you just don’t know what might happen next. Yes, some people might have presumed Rohini to be the murderer but considering the film and considering Rohini is being played by Soumili Biwas, someone whom we have see in Alo and other commercial films , but someone who has a typical Traditional Bengali image playing such a role. She has done a good job as has Arpita Dutta Chowdhury as Saswati, Rohini’step sister. The rest of the cast of the cast are okay specially Ayan Deb Mallik who plays the part of the Sardar friend (though his beard appears to stick out).This is the first time that Kailash Kher appears in a Bengali film as himself and his dance number is good.Sohini Pal makes a guest appearance in this film. The outdoor location (a place near Chalsa in North Bengal) looks very beautiful.

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