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Underworld: Awakening  (2012 - English)

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2003: The year of Underworld and its gothic touch. 2006: The year of Underworld: Evolution and its high-end drama. 2009: The year of Underworld: Awakening with the promise to be back again. Come 2012 and it's the year of Underworld Awakening: Vengeance returns. And vengeance there is aplenty this time brought out with more action that you could possibly handle. Picture this: Humans are no longer killing humans; humans are out there to kill vampires and werewolvesmore

The audience is forced to choose one of the two realities in Underworld: Awakening, both of which are extremely hideous - either writer/creator Len Wiseman is a cash-grabbing deluded buffoon or he's constantly making more Underworld movies to prove to the world that mediocrity makes you rich. I'd vote for the latter, because Underworld: Awakening is a movie that clearly loathes its audience and laughs at those who write essays about how shamelesslymore