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Veer critic rating (Hindustan Times): 1.5
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Veer critic rating (The Telegraph): 2.5
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Veer critic rating (Mumbai Mirror): 2.5

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Veer  (2010 - Hindi)

Veer movie review, and Veer critics rating, comments on Veer

Veer cumulative rating: 2.7 out of 52.7/5 (51 users)

Veer critics rating: 1.9 out of 5 1.9/5 (9 critics)

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  • The love story is the Veer

    Veer rating: 8 out of 10(Vinayak Chandra wrote on 28 Jan 2010)

    From the day I came to know, Salman Khan has written ‘Veer’ I had been looking forward to ‘Veer’, though I am not at all a Salman Khan fan. Honestly enough, I have never been fond of Anil Sharma’s work, nor did I ever like Gadar. Thus, I was in a 50-50 situation regarding Veer.

    Anil Sharma, the director of Veer has always made films concerning,familiar relationships and love for the motherland and Veer is no exception.

    Prithvi Singh (Mithun) heads the Pindaris who were betrayed by the Raja of Madhavgarh(Jackie Shroff).Prithvi’s son Veer (Salman Khan)continues to rebel against Madhavgarh and the British empire in India.It’s love at first sight with Raja’s daughter, Princess Yashodhara (Zarine Khan).

    With younger brother Punya (Sohail Khan), Veer goes to London to get English gyaan that will help his kin. He stumbles upon Yashodhara at the university and campus romance begins.Back in India, Yashodhara takes charge of her kingdom and is pitted against their enemy – the Pindaris headed by Veer. Veer is a love story with a subplot concerning the love for the nation.

    Veer, I must say is another addition to the flawed direction of Mr. Anil Sharma. The man misses out on many important details. But whatever, it is still a decent attempt, considering the fact you don’t re-visit the Sunny deol loudness. More over, other than some really solid dialogues, they are strictly average.Also, you see some really over the top scenes! So is Veer another poor one coming from the duped industry?? Absolutely……………No!

    Despite of certain flaws, what works in the movie big time is the love story. The love story between Veer and Yashodhara might take you back to that of 70s or 80s movies, but hey as long as it touches you, you don’t complain right??

    In fact it’s the love factor that works throughout the movie. Be it the love for your ladylove,the love for your dadda or the love for your nation. The movie is all about love.

    The father-son relationship between Salman & Mithun establishes quite well, though one wanted more. The best of it comes round the climax and you are bound to love that.

    The love story between Salman and Zarine would definitely seek through your heart, if you are a hardcore romantic at heart. And what better could one ask for than Sureeli Ankhiyon Wale playing in the background at the right instances giving the romance angle an extra texture.

    The love for the nation over anything else is so well portrayed especially as it actually depicts the line ‘End crime..not the criminal’. Honestly enough, i had a problem with the climax initially as to why the heck they cant afford a sad ending? But considering the fact, that Pindaris apni zubaan ke pakke hote hai, this cinematic effort worked for me.

    Technically, the movie works wonders and doesn’t at the same time.

    Direction is pretty flawed as mentioned earlier. Anil Sharma should have worked more on the research part, rather than being lazy enough to leave it as a PURE fiction.

    Editing is not good. There were some scenes, which could have definitely been shortened, and some removed right away. ‘Meherbaniyan’ needs a special mention here.

    Cinematography is top notch. The way Gopal Shah portrays the dusty landscapes, the palaces and the old London is highly convincing. A laudable work from this man!

    Screenplay could have been meatier. There are instances, which does dose off the interest level.

    Music by Sajid – Wajid is excellent and thankfully isn’t wasted in the movie. Music is soulful and perfectly syncs with the mood of the old cultured India.

    Anna Singh does a really well job at handling the costume department. Only if he could have worked more on the tribal ones, otherwise his work is top notch.

    Action scenes could have been a lot better. They don’t help you get into the awe of the scenes like that in Wanted. You really hope the action scenes were better shot, then you wouldn’t have mind the less quantity sequences.

    Background Music by Monty Sharma is very good.Background music is one of THE MOST important aspects of any movie and it is more so, when the movie is a grand project like ‘Veer’. But Monty works splendidly.


    Mithun Chakraborty is very good. The thirst in his eyes to develop veer into a braveheart and chuck off the sena of Madhavgarh is very well acted upon.

    Jackie Shroff, is good in his negative role, but could have been way better. He isnt consistent in his expressions of a deadly revenge seeker.

    Liza Lazarus is negligible.

    Sohail Khan is fine. Actually what you expect from such actors is not that they give you a great performance, but the fact that they don’t irritate you. And Sohail definitely doesn’t irritate you here. His comic scenes are quite okay.

    Gajendra Singh and Aryan Vaid don’t come out well with their accent, especially Aryan.

    Neena Gupta is of no use in the movie.

    Zarine Khan was never meant to act in the movie. She was to look pretty, beautiful and sweet, which she successfully did.My heart goes all out to her in 'Meherbaniyan' song. Extremely pretty. But how I wish the make up artist could have given her a proper look in her last scene of the movie. The theatre had a huge laugh over it.

    Finally, the man behind it all…Salman Khan! Salman Khan is everything about the movie. He is a show stealer. His acting as a lover of her lady,a lover of his father, a lover of his nation comes out extremely well.And above that, he excels in what he was supposed to be…a braveheart. Salman delivers one of his finest performances with ‘Veer’ and the passion which he has to carry throughout the movie is pulled out very well by him.

    My favourite scenes:

    Veer meets Yashodhara for the first time

    Veer and Yashodhara get to know the truth about each other

    Intermission scene

    Sureeli Ankhiyon Wale, the last 2 times when it was used

    Veer fights as a part of the swayamvar.

    Veer shouts out loud to the Madhavgarh sena about his real identity

    Veer’s battle with his father


    Overall, Veer is a love story with certain important sub plots, which the director is successful in not giving preference one over the other. Every aspect is equally balanced and this is one of the biggest point of the movie. Also, those who blame Veer to be a piece of cinema like that of 80s or 90s, then what the heck was so fresh and coming of age in ‘Wanted’????!

    If Veer is a man who can overcome all odds, then the love story of Veer is a plot that overcame all flaws for me.

    Give it a watch, with a little patience.

    My Rating: 4.25/5

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