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Welcome To Sajjanpur  (2008 - Hindi)

Welcome To Sajjanpur cumulative rating: 3.6 out of 53.6/5 (79 users)

Welcome To Sajjanpur critics rating: 3.15 out of 5 3.15/5 (8 critics)

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Welcome To Sajjanpur critic reviews & ratings


It’s a wonderful word. Whether it’s a political piggy, a demented woman who can only cry through her nose (?), or a clinic ‘compounder’ who flips out for the village widow, they speak a lingo that’s absolutely earthy, downright bingomore

Filmmaker Shyam Benegal's Welcome To Sajjanpur is not only one of the best films of this year, it's among the finest films you'll see in a long time. It is on the one hand, a humorous portrait of life in a small village in northern Indiamore

Years ago, a popular TV series MALGUDI DAYS left an indelible impression on the minds of viewers. Now Shyam Benegal's WELCOME TO SAJJANPUR takes you back to a hamlet that has its share of assorted characters: a letter writer, a power-hungry goonmore

Shyam Benegal’s Welcome To Sajjanpur is a quaint little road song which has every chance of getting drowned in the cacophony that is Bollywood. But if you do tune in, its innocent melody and heartfelt poetry will surely win you overmore

SHYAM Benegal's been to the Indian village, long years ago. Then, at the helm of the parallel film movement, he had given us films like Ankur , Nishant , showcasing the seamier side of rural India. The films still remain milestonesmore

Mahadev is one of the only literate residents of a small village called Sajjanpur. A writer, who harbours dreams of becoming a novelist, performs the part of the village's official letter writer and uses those missives as a conduit for his creativitymore

Films like Welcome to Sajjanpur are tricky to form an opinion about. They have got so much going for them, but, nonetheless, aren't above fault. Lack of perfection aside, Shyam Benegal's new film doesn't belong to any genre in entiretymore

The old guard is still in command. Big Daddy Shyam Benegal, the Godfather of India's parallel cinema movement comes to the marquee this Friday with a delightful, satirical take on a contemporary Indian village called Sajjanpurmore