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What's Your Raashee? review by
What's Your Raashee? critic rating ( 1.5
What's Your Raashee? review by
What's Your Raashee? critic rating ( 1.5
What's Your Raashee? review by Times of India
What's Your Raashee? critic rating (Times of India): 3
What's Your Raashee? review by DNA India
What's Your Raashee? critic rating (DNA India): 2
What's Your Raashee? review by
What's Your Raashee? critic rating ( 2

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What's Your Raashee?  (2009 - Hindi)

What's Your Raashee? movie review, and What's Your Raashee? critics rating, comments on What's Your Raashee?

What's Your Raashee? cumulative rating: 2.6 out of 52.6/5 (53 users)

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  • What's Your Raashee? rating: 4 out of 10(Dr.Prachi Barvalia wrote on 14 Oct 2009)

    So not Researched!

    I believed that Ashu is more often knows for his researched. Before making any kind of films, he and his team just research very deeply so that he can deliver us the maximum facts through feature film. But this time I think he had not at all researched in raashee’s up to the mark, and that’s why this might be the one of the reason why people didn’t like it.

    As far as my knowledge, (studied on sun-signs for more than 3yrs) the characters of the sun-signs given in the film are not that much true, some of them are toh not at all true. Lets check what’s exactly these the characters of the sun-sign girl have, approx, and compare with the given in the film.

    Virgo Girl:

    In the film: She is a Doc. And he character appeals that she is a very social service kind of person who loves to do some social service in villages and all with the help from her profession.

    In real: Yup she loves social service kind of thing, so something was true judged in the film. But also she loves criticism, so I think if that would be shown then something might be interesting rather what had given in the film. Ex: Kareena Kapoor

    Libra Girl:

    In the film: She is a kind of girl and wanted to treat marriage as a contract and husband as a slave.

    In real: Totally wrong! Libra woman care about other people, and understand their feelings as much as her own feelings. What kind of girl shown in the film..Huh? Ex: Hema Malini, Rekha, Divya Duta

    Scorpio Girl:

    In the film: She hides her identity from others. She actually wanted to become a fashion model but always dressed herself like gaon ki chori, and wanted to marry just to complete her dream.

    In real: Again totally wrong! She is very confident and always independent. In film they showed us that people control over her life, but in real she has the power to control over other’s life. Ex: Aishwarya Rai, Juhi Chawla, Helen

    Sagittarius Girl:

    In film: She is a daughter of one pandit and wanted to have sex with Harman, which means she is fond of sexual life.

    In real: Yup, something is true! Ex: Raakhi Sawant

    Capricorn Girl:

    In film: She is underage and their parents wanted to marry her forcefully.

    In real: For underage girl – No comments!

    Aquarius Girl:

    In film: She was smart, confident, but already was committed with her boyfriend, so hard luck for Yogesh Patel.

    In real: Now what would I comment on this? It’s not the character, it’s a situation! Aquarius ex: Preity Zinta

    Pisces Girl:

    In film: She is that type of girl who lives in dreams; she thinks that Harman is her lover of her previous janam, and now they both came from re-carnation to reunite again.

    In real: More or somewhat, absolutely true. She likes to be in a dream world than to be in reality. She is weak and sensitive when it's come to "Love". She can cry if her best friend is breaking up, and she can be over excited when her friend gets a new boy friend even it is nothing concerned her at all. She is also very shy in nature. More or less it will be in all Pisces woman. And that’s exactly has shown us in the film.

    Aries Girl:

    In film: Shown us very weird character and she hides her that weird character to others. It has also been shown us that she is sweet and honest from heart.

    In real: Some true some not. It’s true that she is very honest and very sweet, but her weird character shown us in the film was quite weird to me also. Aries girl are in top notch fashion girl, she will look Hot to you, she is a bit flirtatious in nature and many men would fall in love with her anytime. She is also very broad and open minded girl, which in the film shown us as totally opposite. Ex: Mamta Kulkarni, Lara Dutta, Rani Mukherjee

    Taurus Girl:

    In film: it has been shown us that she is the daughter of one business tycoon and acts like a mad girl, to know about the truth hidden in Harman’s heart, whether he wants to marry a girl or wants to marry for her money.

    In real: Somewhat true. She needs excitement in her life and she is also a funny and jolly kind of person, like a funny mad girl. She also thinks that money is not as important factor in her life, and that’s why a rich Priyanka girl in the film was ready to marry a common man. EX: Madhuri Dixit

    Gemini Girl:

    In film: She is a college student, very hip-hop kind of girl, and kind of very imaginative

    In real: Somewhat wrong. Gemini Girl, who is a college student, is not that hip-hop kind of girl shown us in the film. She is quiet and enjoys in her own way, but she is surely an imaginative girl. Ex: Dimple Kapadia, Shilpa Shetty

    Cancer Girl:

    In film: She was stuck up with her past and was stuck up for her lost virginity before marriage.

    In real: Totally wrong! She is very advanced kind of girl; she lives in present and enjoys full benefit of it. She is also very hard working woman and mainly focuses only on her work. Ex: Itself Priyanka Chopra

    Leo Girl:

    In film: She is very artistic and loves art. She is a famous dancer in the film. Also shown she is a bit of short-tempered and makes her decision very fast.

    In real: Very true! She loves art; she is a bit of short-tempered and also makes decision very fast. But here I would like to add that whatever she thinks, decides or whatever she do, she do it straight from the heart. Ex: Kajol

    In all 5 true from 12 Raashee’s. My Rating: Just 2 / 5

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