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Yakeen  (2005 - Hindi)

story of Yakeen, Yakeen plot

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Yakeen story, synopsis, plot


    By Anonymous (31 Aug 2010)

    The film begins with the recovery of Simar (Priyanka Chopra) and her husband Nikhil (Arjun Rampal) from a car accident. Simar is almost unscratched but Nikhil has major internal and external damage, as well as amnesia. Simar is determined that Nikhil will get better and resume his life, and brings in the best surgeons to reconstruct his damaged leg and face, and then later helping him with the hospital therapy.

    Although Nikhil is at first cautious and wary, Simar's love and dedication wins him over. After six months of therapy he is released from the hospital and the couple return home. Simar insists that Nikhil continue with his life and encourages him to go back to work, though beforehand she warns him that there are both good and bad people all around, and it's up to him to decide whom to trust.

    Once Nikhil meets up with his old friends and goes through his personal files, he finds evidence that all was not well in his previous life. Now uncertain of his wife's true motives, Nikhil starts retracing his steps from the night of the accident, meeting with his old friend Tanya (Kim Sharma) who tells him that on the night of the accident, he had planned to confront and divorce Simar for infidelity.

    Nikhil hires a private investigator named Chamanlal (Saurabh Shukla) who discovers that the accusation is true, and Simar had been having an affair with a man known as "Kabir". Nikhil secretly trails Simar one day and overhears her talking on the phone with Kabir, in which she insists that their relationship is over because she has fallen back in love with Nikhil. However, Simar agrees to meet Kabir one last time. Nikhil follows Simar to a secret house, where he witnesses an apparent argument between Simar and Kabir. After a chase through the woods, it is revealed that Simar staged the entire thing: Kabir was never on the phone nor in the house, because he has been dead the whole while. Simar confesses that on the night of the car accident, Nikhil had found Simar and Kabir together, and in his rage he killed Kabir. Simar had wanted to protect Nikhil from the guilt, since she'd believed his amnesia had been a chance to start their relationship anew.

    Nikhil believes this story, and is temporarily reconciled with Simar. He is then contacted by Tanya, who claims that she has some new important information. When Nikhil goes to her house, he finds her shot dead in her room. Nikhil informs Chamanlal that he has been having more vivid flashbacks to the night of the accident, and has an idea where Kabir was buried. They drive out there and dig up the body, which has been preserved in the snow. However, the corpse's face is exactly the same as Nikhil's.

    "Nikhil" realises that he is in fact Kabir, and had been the one having an affair with Simar all along. Through flashback, it is revealed that the real Nikhil was emotionally abusive towards Simar. Kabir (Sudhanshu Pandey, but with Arjun Rampal's voice) witnessed Simar being abandoned by Nikhil one night at a party, and he picked her up. Their affair began at that point, but after a while Kabir began to feel that Simar was too possessive of him. On the night of the accident, Kabir had been trying to leave Simar, who threatened to commit suicide if he did so. Just then Nikhil showed up and started a fight with Kabir, which ended when Simar shot and killed Nikhil with her gun. They put the body in Nikhil's trunk, and buried the body in the snow in the jungle next to the border out of panic. On the way Kabir blamed Simar for the murder and is determined to go to the police however Simar opposes this and in their argument Kabir loses concentration, control of the car thus resulting in the accident.

    Back in the present, Kabir is angered that his entire identity has been robbed by Simar when she ordered the plastic surgeons to reconstruct his face in Nikhil's likeness taking advantage of the fact that Kabir had lost his memory and the doctors assumed Kabir to be Nikhil as he had Nikhil's wallet on him. He and Chamanlal soon decide to bring Nikhil's body to the police, but is stopped when Simar shows up and shoots Chamanlal. Kabir confronts Simar over her actions and is determined to tell the truth to the police and expose her by taking Nikhil's body to the police. Simar shoots Kabir out of desperation to stop him and Kabir fakes his death in order to con Simar and get her gun. While driving Simar implores Kabir to assume Nikhil's identity to enjoy his wealth, status and his wife but Kabir resolutely mentions in clear terms he is done with Simar and he is now going to take her to the police once and for all.

    Simar realizing Kabir doesn't love her anymore informs him that if he isn't going to be with her in this life then she will make sure she kills him and herself together to bring them together in death. Simar pulls the emergency brakes, resulting in Kabir going through the windshield and then tries to run him over and to kill each other in another accident. Kabir manages to jump to his safety in time but Simar has a serious accident. Kabir see's the petrol on the car leaking, rushes to save Simar and gather the body before the car explodes. But Simar succumbs to her wounds on the spot, leaving Kabir with no choice but to leave her and instead get Nikhil's body from the trunk and move away from the car before it explodes.

    In the end Kabir is finally able to go to the police, bringing Nikhil's corpse with him and the end credits begin over footage of Kabir explaining his story to the police officers.