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Yeh Faasley critic rating ( 1
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Yeh Faasley critic rating (Times of India): 2
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Yeh Faasley critic rating ( 1.5
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Yeh Faasley critic rating (Indian Express): 1.5
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Yeh Faasley critic rating (NDTV Movies): 1.5

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Yeh Faasley  (2011 - Hindi)

Yeh Faasley movie review, and Yeh Faasley critics rating, comments on Yeh Faasley

Yeh Faasley cumulative rating: 2 out of 52/5 (15 users)

Yeh Faasley critics rating: 1.5 out of 5 1.5/5 (5 critics)

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  • I was counting my ‘Faasla’ to exit door

    Yeh Faasley rating: 2 out of 10(Aakash Barvalia wrote on 05 Mar 2011)

    As the World Cup has been started, many exams have been commenced, so producers and filmmakers decided to put a BIG PAUSE during the entire March, and so most of the big movies are being scheduled to release movies on April. YEH FAASLEY released in the midst of these situations and there was a ray of hope in watching some decent film throughout this month, but YEH FAASLEY disappoints sadly, indeed very sadly.

    It’s a story on father-daughter emotional relationship. Motherless daughter Arunima (Tena Desae) and her loving father Devinder Devilal Dua share a lovely relationship as a father and a daughter. They are more often like friends and understand each other well. Dua also teases with her boyfriend’s name, who also shares a good family relationship to them. After attending her long boarding school, Arunima returns home to stay with her loving father. She is very happy to stay with the family and so do Devinder Devilal. Everything goes on well, until one fine day Arunima finds a ‘Will’ which was secretly hidden in the house. She was shocked suddenly when she found out that the ‘Will’ was written by her mother. To her knowledge her mother died in a freaky accident when she was barely two years and her mother about 27-28 yrs. She wonders that how come a woman can write a will at the very young of her age and that too died in a sudden accident.

    This is the story when the movie just initially started and had completed about 30-40 minutes. The remaining about 1.30 hrs, the story takes a u-turn when Arunima decides to find the hidden truth behind her mother’s death. Initially she questioned this to her father, in shock and surprise Devinder doesn’t reply and ignored her questioned. On a repeatedly questioned by Arunima, one fine day Devinder loses his temper and scolds very badly to her daughter. To come in shock after experiencing her father’s sudden behavior, her eagerness to find the truth became even more powerful. Sooner she discovers that the accident version of how her mother died isn't the whole truth, and she decides to meet out some of the friends of her parents and close relatives to know the truth. One of their closes, Digvijay Singh (Pawan Malhotra), speaks out the entire truth about their parents relationships. How they met initially, her mother was a Rajasthani princess and father was ‘Jath-Mazdoor’, how they met in the college and fell in love with each other, and after marriage how their relationship were broken into pieces and both were not happy with each other. She begins investing further and at the very end founds out entire truth, truth on factual relationship between her parents, and truth on how her mother died actually. After analyzing, she emotionally held responsible to her dad for her mother’s death, but practically she finds her dad innocence. She finds herself torn between her love for her father and her duty to her dead mother. Will the daughter avenge her mother's death even if it means standing up against her father? The climax ends with a courtroom drama!

    The very first 30-40 minutes will make a strong grip and will definitely put a hold on the seat. But the remaining almost 1.30 hrs, the story and the screenplay material will torture to its extent and will definitely run out through the exit door before even the film completes. The story is highly prolonged senselessly and the drama is being pulled out with no knowledge where the exact story is going. After watching the movie, and experiencing the first 30mins of the movie, one would definitely feel that what the theme or idea director had given to us initially, and where the heck he has been taken away his film in a complete different station. From where the movie has been started, and till where the film has been ended, is what a real mystery to solve after Arunima’s death case. It’s very predictable right after the 30mins of the show that you will die to wait till the end, and because of very, infact very slow narration, one would definitely run not before the film completes, but after the interval only.

    One reason for this anguish story would that when I read the crew details here, there’s being credited 6 people under the Story title, and so this might be the major reason why the story was such a waste, as 6 people have 6 different minds, and 6 different minds have their own different perspective, and so at the end one poor script might have turn into one tasteless khichdi.

    Direction by Mittal was a complete average, some of the shots were not taken properly and even the climax courtroom drama was not at all impressive. The only part is somewhat impressive is the performance part. The performances by all the cast, including the newcomer Tena Desae, was decent and fair enough to make her debut, but surely not impressive. Although the talented bandas like Anupam Kher and Pawan Malhotra are a big waste in this film and had wasted their valuable time, which includes the viewer’s time.

    Final Verdict:
    Cut to short, it’s a waste of time, money and energy!

    1 / 5

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