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Zokkomon  (2011 - Hindi)

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In 'Zokkomon', Darsheel Safary, the pint-sized star of 'Taare Zameen Par' plays Kunal, a 'Harry Potter'-like orphan kid who’s packed off to a village to live with his uncle after his parents are killed in an accident. Anupam Kher is the evil chacha Deshraj, who runs the local school where young students are cruelly punished, and whose government funds he merrily siphons. When Deshraj sets his sights on his nephew’s inheritance, he abandons the boymore

Okay, superhero films are the flavor of the season. The super-success of KRRISH and the tremendous hype for RA.ONE only reiterates this fact. But ZOKKOMON is the first superhero film that has a child actor having super powers and vanquishing the villains with super tricks. What makes this film special, besides the above-mentioned fact, is that it's a Disney production that's directed by Satyajit Bhatkal, who was associated with LAGAANmore

What does it feel like being the only one watching a film surrounded by 300 empty seats on a Friday morning? Slightly unnerving. Even if it isn’t a horror film. But wait, Zokkomon is horror all right! If not in genre, then definitely in terms of theme and treatment. Children’s films in India — apart from a Makdee here and a Taare Zameen Par there — has been an unexplored and underrated, often shabbily treated, genre. Despite being a Walt Disney productionmore

In an industry which throws up such an abysmal record when it comes to producing viable children's films, any attempt that can slightly hold your interest is more than welcome. And that is where Zokkomon scores. It tells a story that transposes the traditional fight of good over evil onto a kid's battleground and creates a desi superhero that isn't all kitsch alone. Kunal's transformation into the hooded, heavy-voiced, fire-eyed flying vigilantemore

Good versus evil. The age old theme of all superhero films. And kids don't complain. They're happy to see wicked goons being thrashed to death. Add to this 'prescription' a healthy dose of Bollywood ingredients. The helpless orphan waif. The scheming and manipulative uncle who won't hesitate to bump off his nephew. One crazy maniacal-bordering -on- lunacy scientist. A small village with an unpronounceable name where superstition prevailsmore

A poor li'l orphaned rich guy gets cheated out of his inheritance by a conniving uncle. Finds solace in conwoman who he makes his moohboli didi. Uncle claims inheritance by going to elaborate lengths to 'kill' the boy. Boy returns, confused. Annoys mad scientist enough to make him his guinea pig that can fly, become invisible and write his name with smoke. All this while getting the gullible people in his village to throw off the yoke of oppressionmore

The buck-toothed Darsheel Safary who stole our hearts in 'Taare Zameen Par' is back with this sci-fi adventure in which he gets to play a superhero who defeats superstition and ignorance. The familiar ingredients for a child-friendly film are all here: smart kids, cruel relatives, and a masked crusader. Kunal (Safary) is an orphan, yanked out of his cosy boarding school and dragged off to a village where he has to live with his evil uncle (Kher) and auntmore

Children’s films are in a pretty abysmal state in our country and I’m afraid that Zokkomon, the new Disney superhero movie, has lowered the bar even further. The film is derivative, relentlessly foolish and staggeringly boring. Zokkomon is yet another Indian kiddie flick in which the creators believe that children equal low IQ. So, pretty much anything goes and debutant director Satyajit Bhatkal doesn’t even attempt to stay true to the film’s own logicmore