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Zombieland  (2010 - English)

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This one's actually a zany little comedy that packs in so much fun, it makes you literally squeal in places. Of course, you begin expecting a run-of-the-mill C-grade Hollywood horror flick, but soon realise there's more bang for your buck in these crazy encounters with post mad cow disease humans who `have the munchies' and just love to sink their teeth in a `manwich'. Add to this, the crackling chemistry between our boy-hero, Jason Eisenbergmore

Zombieland is not just another addition to the overstuffed and undernourished subgenre of zombie flicks. It does in its own way what 28 Days Later did to this subgenre a few years ago that is revive it. But mind you Zombieland does it quite differently. The movie is still a splatter fest with plenty of gore, like cutting off of limbs and the eating of innards. But it’s neither a horror nor a thriller. Because when the zombies are going ‘chomp’ ‘chomp’ on the intestines of a manmore

Zombieland has been topping the US box office ever since it’s release and though it does not live upto the appreciation it has been garnering in the US, it is definitely one of the weirdest comedies ever. What happens when Zombies take over and you are left alone battling for your life? Can two men who are polar opposites of each other – one timid, the other a zombie killing maniac get together and protect themselves from these cannibals?more