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May 15

Motilal's Choti Choti Baatein

Monica Chauhan Jones 1

I was amazed to see this wonderful film by the brilliant actor Motilal. He is the writer, actor, director and producer of the film if I am not mistaken. Such an original concept treated beautifully. I only recently discovered the actor Motilal and I must say he puts all others Indian actors to shame with the exception of few. He was like Ben Kingsley and Balraj Sahani.

May 15

Motilal strarrer Ek Thi Ladki

Monica Chauhan Jones 1

The ladki played by Meena Shorey. She was a fabulous actor with a flair for comedy. "Lara lappa lara lappa lai rakhada" is picturized on her. It is a superb comedy movie to watch again and again.

May 15

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May 15

New Bollywood Blog

Josh Hazlewood 1

Hi Guys,
I found out a cool website that has good info on bollywood/hollywood and stuff. Must check it out.

Oct 05

Black and White Hindi Cinema

Monica Chauhan Jones 0

1951 Railway Platform starring Sunil Dutt, Nalini Jaywant, Sheila Ramani. This is Sunil Dutt's debut film. Brilliant story, cinematography and music. A special mention of the wonderful job done by the dress designer to picturise the differences in the two cultures in the story (traditional indian versus elite westernized indian)

Sep 04

Vishal Kaushik

shivani 0

is it true that actor vishal kausik met in an accident.

Feb 18

Shivani tanksale

rony yoyo1

Shivani tanksale recently worked in inkaar movie.